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  1. Futbol baby!
  2. BIG Hit on ACR!
  3. This is how bad i run on wpn.
  4. Hardest ten minutes of my pokerlife
  5. won one of the jackpot freerolls
  6. Who a baller?
  7. 0-hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. to those that say online bs never happens live
  9. Watchout po members for certain individuals who do things
  10. Electricity turned off
  11. how do i look
  12. I was all like, "Please no Jack!"
  13. Rivdee's BR Booster Challenge $1.65 to $3.58
  14. Player Rating...
  15. lolz wpn
  16. finally got a few $ to play and what do you know
  17. Giants BR booster challenge 10k to 100k...
  18. Greengiants 0 to hero thread PO Client Ring
  19. PO pocket-pair sweet pea
  20. still in shock from this slot pull...O.o
  21. unrealistic bcp at its best lol
  22. history my tilt
  23. bcp at its finest lol
  24. how defuq does a diamond come :
  25. Player Ratings
  26. Help
  27. sweet 18 baby
  28. An Encounter With A PO Scammer
  29. what a little hard work and time looks like :)
  30. Nice day EddieTorr!!!
  31. Thor the Not So SuperHero
  32. pokeriwned tournament
  33. return of the turk!
  34. Was out 3 Months and come back a won first game
  35. Crush that Carbon!!! My almost 0 to hero or bust thread.
  36. Freebuy Super Series Event #19 ACR/BCP
  37. flopped royal flush
  38. UIGEA<---------What A Pile of Shit!!!!
  39. Today proved to me how important luck is in poker
  40. April 6th 2015 The day and of extreme suckouts
  41. Won my first PO tourney in three years :)
  42. b3b is impossible
  43. 2-7 single draw winner!
  44. I seen this hand twice, once
  45. crazy live hands
  46. Shine bright like a diamond
  47. Preferrend pokerroom . Please post
  48. first person to beat Ricki in trivia crack!!
  49. That is nice way to lose after five hours.
  50. 5 card
  51. Inicios en el poker
  52. What to do when your beat? Bet!
  53. winner
  54. had to see if i till got it lol
  55. almost folded thsi talked myself into a call lol
  56. The Hand from Hell !! LOL
  57. wow poor guy lol
  58. biggest cooler of my life
  59. Are some luckier than others?
  60. Here is how to fix Online Poker
  61. 2nd place blackchip poker 50k GTD
  62. Help!!
  63. lame client brag
  64. Won the bankrollmob freeroll twice
  65. My first pokerowned tourney
  66. Dont ya love it when someone takes you out(duoble up) only to go out few minutes late
  67. My Saddest moment in poker
  68. I suck at razzz..
  69. this how u crush souls :P lol
  70. Got smacked by a 1 outer :(
  71. WPN is hilarious
  72. calssic plo8 on wpn lol
  73. lmfao fucking idiots gotta love em
  74. Bad Beat on Seals
  75. Soul fucking read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. Woof! I'm like 4 hrs deep in the 3500 gtd on bcp
  77. lmfao fucking hilarious
  78. hahaha first fucking hand i sit down :(
  79. only on winning poker network smh fucking dumbass site
  80. royal flush any good? lolz
  81. I won a seat into the million $ gtd on bcp
  82. Is It Time To Put Bauswacks On The Back Of A Milk Carton????
  83. Bcp/acr complete FAIL lol
  84. not a bad day
  85. Another fish gets off the hook :-(
  86. damn it :( needed that pot oh well :( nut flush vs stiraght flush lol
  87. gotta love being a nit sometimes what a bluff :(
  88. PartyBets wins
  89. Its not you...Its me...
  90. geezy styles
  91. HAHAHAHA goodtimes ;)
  92. gotta love donations lolz
  93. idk why knew to shove turn but didnt and let this tard bluff me
  94. Beautiful Hand
  95. fvcking idiot all in :S
  96. Lolz cute almost made me fold the aa there lol
  97. gotta love the donks try to donate me they chips and winz :(
  98. hero fold or no?
  99. Too many swings!
  100. lmfao damn donks
  101. Just won the $1000 tourney on NLOP
  102. Juicy stakes bring juicy beats
  103. Gotta love the sb vs bb hands
  104. lmfao poker rewarding donks at its best
  105. This is standard for me
  106. Colluders
  107. How sick am I? lol
  108. An open apology from me =)
  109. allday with this type of shit :(
  110. well since greengiant didnt make the post i will congrats bro on that win!
  111. wow fml and for chiplead pot
  112. 2nd on the ON DEMAND Leaderboard and did not know.
  113. this is ACR at its finest lol
  114. lolz forced me a double up
  115. lolz donks make it too easy
  116. wow wtf they stiraght hate me today ;(
  117. 888Poker - $0.50/$1.00 PLO Cash Game.
  118. cry! :( sick hand :(
  119. Nabsters pocket change challenge.
  120. proof of collusion on swc
  121. Rock that Lock!!! My amost 0 to hero or bust thread.
  122. downloading bovada mobile could've been a bad mistake.
  123. Got another opportunity and took it down
  124. lmfao gotta love seals :(
  125. hero fold they tried to set me up lol
  126. Oh you know, just another one of nabs days summed up in one hand.
  127. how would you rate my credit? seriously
  128. My wifi goes out when I'm about to win a tournament.
  129. soul read put him on a bluff hero call
  130. Merge still loves me...
  131. Second BIG10 takedown in 2 weeks!
  132. BANNED from GREENDOT??? After a month and a half?
  133. CONGRATS my brutha IDOTHISFOR on the victory of the 12k plo high 5
  134. Bovada Final tables
  135. just bad luck
  136. lol riggsb is funny
  137. Absolutely, unbelievably, horribly, ridiculous!!
  138. sigh river of dreams for these clowns everytime :(
  139. powned lolllll
  140. smh damn donks lol
  141. gott5a love the retards smh
  142. how to accidently fold aces and wouldve lost like a boss lol
  143. Who was calling UPSER a donk.
  144. Not much but a wins a win!
  145. Being from Washington State sucks!
  146. stiragth flush at micro lolz
  147. This is why I quit playing poker aside from crazy gaur tournies
  148. WON VERY LAST PO BCP GAME,,!!, now happpy and sad...:(
  149. weird HU hand lolz
  150. lolz and out fo the 4k i go
  151. wows first hand i go out fo the 109 15k :9 golden donkey haha
  152. someone is pmsing
  153. fml!!!!!! SORRY NEWDADDY :(
  154. lolz head bussin 101
  155. do you fold here?
  156. I win the 5k superstack on bovada and receive $30????
  157. Nice bluff out
  158. my opinion of client here is its shit.
  159. Just busted out huge !!
  160. Tilt Sux!
  161. When You Know your running GOOD
  162. Another one of Nabs days in a single hand.
  163. I give up lol
  164. for s810
  165. if your gonna play the Casino on BCP..Dont stay on the slots after you come up
  166. need some encouragement - frustrated at poker right now.
  167. lmfao bcp fuuuu hand for turkle!
  168. Just tilted off my whole bank roll
  169. This is WHY I SUCK
  170. clutch AA hand
  171. Sooooooo close to the B2B bonus.
  172. Tilt
  173. Dont you wish Triple Ups were always this EASY!
  174. bad call in my books oh well it worked :)
  175. gotta love going carddead/folding big ahnds and hitting
  176. grrrrrrrr wish i was a donk :(
  177. of course for inverted
  178. someone please make sence of this lolz
  179. FFS, am I the only one who thinks ACR has too many bad beats?
  180. hand for teddy
  181. lmfao defuq
  182. b2b hands double up then a tripple lolz
  183. i <3 three card
  184. Boom Ship It =OP
  185. 1st big field cashout.
  186. How to bust a donk at 10/20 blinds
  187. Nice little straight flush.
  188. lmfao smh bpc
  189. Haha I rock and suck at the same time
  190. ACR grinding from 0 to...well non 0 lol
  191. getting sweep
  192. Won my first cash tournament
  193. I mean of course I folded a Royal Flush.
  194. tell me rebuys arent rigged
  195. $0 to $800 in 4 days (Mix of blackjack and poker)
  196. best hand wins and donkey is pissed lolz
  197. When I ran into the "DONK GOD"
  198. Ha, this is almost always the situation I will lose in NL Cash w/AA
  199. I never hold and im getting goddamn sick of it
  200. my month challenge
  201. Always show your hands kids....
  202. saw a guy in lobby talking about jj so i gotta post all these hands
  203. hard to beat stupid
  204. A grinder's worst nightmare, worse than any run bad:
  205. lolz bcp
  206. scared play but bcp always riggs me lolz
  207. Sick brag yo
  208. $50 to $500 by JUNE 1st!
  209. Pika-roll: Up almost $5000 so far this week.
  210. BlackJack Online
  211. Im bragging for my opponent here.. Lool fml
  212. lolz bcp
  213. Why does this always happen to me?
  214. almost bubble phew lol
  215. lolz what a donk call but ok :)
  216. Run into AA much?
  217. idk wtf im doing but check this parlay out
  218. im about to fucking kill somebody....!!!
  219. News: 4/27 Newbie own Veterans
  220. hows this for a dbl
  221. Wooo I did it...$0-$100 2 weeks
  222. Crazy Hand!!!!
  223. Worst fucking run ive ever had in a tournament...
  224. freeroll winnings
  225. Doin' what I do
  226. Very funny bluff / fold
  227. lmfao!!!!!!!!! all i can do is lolz
  228. Hilarious hand
  229. Duck Guide How To Double Bank Roll to $8500
  230. oops
  231. My TurtleBooooooooooy Haiku
  232. Check this hand out...
  233. when you think Im crazy.... well thats not fair!!
  234. wow this really hurt......
  235. All in or nothing
  236. that awkward moment when....
  237. Fuck the usa
  238. Once again fuck carbon
  239. Let's try this again!
  240. AWESOME pwn of a donk
  241. Fuck carbon
  242. bcp slots rock
  243. Are you kidding me??? OUCH!
  244. Two nice cashes!
  245. PO Community Service and why YOU should do it
  246. just a few brag pics~~~ weeeeeeee
  247. Uhhhh Guise... SICKOOOOOO! 361$ pot!
  248. Sicko! 172$ pot
  249. You know it's not your night when...
  250. Tilt doesnt affect cards