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    Watchout po members for certain individuals who do things

    Attention Poker Owned Members---

    It is of the utmost importance that we keep things at Poker Owned as complicated as possible. I recently did a transaction with a certain member that goes by the name of Lilg. Since I am not really versed on the different people here I only recently joined in 2011 I would appreciate some input on the guy. We had a most troubling encounter earlier tonight. I noticed the gentleman or woman (never met this screenname Lilg before) had posted a notice on the homepage that I interpreted to mean that this G character had $50-$80 of Black Chip Poker funds (illeagally obtained I am sure) and was willing to do a exchange for Pay Pal money and some side dish called a HMU. So I sent my pet pigeon Atticus out of my window and into the virtual universe with a simple message, "I think that you and I can do some business. ---Neil" That was at approximately 5:45 pm. You see I myself had $24 of Pay Pal funds available and had a strong desire to lose at poker at the Black Chip Poker House of Horrors. I packed my Bong, took a nice tok of Blue Dream, and as I blew the tasty smoke out of my mouth Atticus returned with a message from this Lilg that offered $23.65 of Black Chips for $24 of my Pay Pal funds. This was at 5:46 pm. At 5;47pm we exchanged pertinent information and at 5:48 pm the deal was done and Lilg took his .35 cent profit and donated it to his local Boys and Girls Club where, it turns out, Lilg spends an inordinate amount of time despite not having any children himself.

    The moral of the story is I had a problem free experience tonight and that troubles me because from what I read so often everything turns into a fucking TeleNovella. So scammers, those looking to make some sort of living of the members here, you are at the wrong place. It seems to me that life is so much easier when you can do things on trust and not with a neafarious agenda. If you take out a loan and cannot pay for whatever reason, don't run and hide. Own up to it and I am pretty sure every person here would understand. This is not a world of high stakes cutthroat behavior that is rewarded in the real world. This is a place based on dollars and pennies stupid banter and funny personalities. Class dismissed.

    Second Moral of the story -- Blue Dream appears to make one write a story full of Morals....
    I suck at Poker. You suck at Life. Swallow That...

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    great read!! when is pregnant dodgeball practice again?
    <StephyMarieC> erik!!!!! yay you've always been one of my favorites hehe <scorcher863> i kinda want to smoke some meth, then play poker for like 3 days straight

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    You had me at Blue Dream .

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