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Thread: history my tilt

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    history my tilt

    I share your darkest history. One day after work, I went to the casino to win MTT for 100 pounds, which would allow me to pay the debt for two-flat and normal to reach the rest of the month. It was the 8 th day, I was 350 pounds, the salary in three weeks ... I decided to just play aggressively, but the thin young man with dark glasses opened my superbarrel that I set with a flush draw, including a push on the river . Everyone at the table expressed his admiration and infuriated me, it's scary.

    After the departure of the tournament I hardly scored stuff on the subway. At home there was no food, from drinking - only tap water, and even one cigarette. I opened the Stars, where I remained for about 80 dollars, and sat down to play NL50 6-max. I won a couple of flips and brought BR to $ 250, then was about to go to sleep, but one of the main fishey the table volunteered to play me heads up. He played just awful, for example, made the call at 2/3 stack pre-flop with Ax 2x and so on. N. We sat down NL50. In the first all-in I was moved. I buy, but has already begun to tilt podstupat ... I lost another buy-in. After each hand opponent wrote to me in chat that I fish and can not play, then chat tightened his friends scoff at my every action ...

    As low as $ 250 there are only $ 60, I started a real agro-tilt. I flushed, pressure jumped from the nose bleed (this occasionally happens to me), but I'm so could not control himself, he did not even try to stop the blood. Soon my face, shirt, notebook, and the floor beneath his feet were covered with blood, but I kept playing. Passed kings, we will put all-in pre-flop, your opponent has shown aces won, wrote a farewell that his girlfriend will buy new shoes, and left the table. I started screaming curses repeatedly banged his fist on the mouse and laptop, threw them on the floor, breaking his hand in the blood ... then I took a shower and went to bed.

    moral of the story is this - know the measure in the game ... do not give in to passion

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    hard story man
    Refugees welcome

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    I have a gun it you need it........

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    Now that's a strong story, but an example for those who have no control of your game. Sometimes you win and lose , this is a game that gives revenge but be located in a timely manner to learn to play properly

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