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Thread: sweet 18 baby

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    Oct 2013

    sweet 18 baby

    been playing online poker for 9yrs now and now I can legally say I can play poker under myself time to hit the live events LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm not sure which response i should give you. That

    A. You've been playing since you were 9 and that is facked up.


    B. How are you still so bad at hi/lo?

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    Aug 2015
    Good luck!

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    Congrats turtleboooy 18 is a great age! Don't mess around alright. Keep it up and you might end up like me in 10 years... A 28 year old,washed-up poker player who is broke. Good luck on the tables and off buddy, happy 18th
    Our body is the temple of God. No man shalt mix clay with iron will surely perish.

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    Welcome to this new environment !! I hope you can gain a lot and learn like everyone else, it is a fun and engaging game that also gives money . Greetings and happy 18!

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