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  1. gimmies bad beat of the day
  2. Player was constantly overbetting so...
  3. grrrrr
  4. Turned $1.10 in PokerOwned Freeroll Cash into a $109 Coupon
  5. bad luck
  6. just won my ticket in topps freeroll
  7. so tired of getting donked on
  8. i aleady ave 2 tckets on carbon
  9. never doing this again
  10. dominating hands , think i lose more than win
  11. wow took 6th in rtr to only
  12. Doing not too bad in the last PO games...
  13. Flopped a royal flush
  14. Won the Carbon $45 Tourney and MY DONKEY BET DIDN"T JINX ME
  15. 2k GTD
  16. 1st place in black chip rtr
  17. got my revenge
  18. worst pair ever
  19. sick fat ass pot at 1/2 plo on lcok
  20. double bubble
  21. newb scores ez 1st?
  22. Merge and runner runners
  23. back to back
  24. Poker stars=Won 5 million chips
  25. How AM I suppsoed to play headsup in turbo SnG I'm so unlucky and bad at it?
  26. i finally won at black chip poker last night
  28. broke the Golden Rule
  29. what makes you tilt?
  30. Straight to wowwwww ......
  31. I'm Cured of Open Freerolls Forever
  32. TILTING at bubble boy
  33. THREE Royal Flushes in 285 Hands
  34. woohoo,not gettin rich??
  35. Losing Internet at 5/14 in the Evening PokerOwned Carbon Freeroll = TILT!
  36. tough to teach
  37. true lol hand for amusement
  38. POKEROWNED: land of the scammer
  39. I cant believe it, i just won my 2nd one!
  40. First win!
  41. must i always lose
  42. Tilts alot
  43. cashes so few far and between
  44. why am i so unlucky
  45. I finally won a freeroll
  46. b2b
  47. 5am Brag.... =)
  48. Chopped up an air force charity tournament
  49. Going for $400 mark
  50. My tiliting
  51. Collusion or not collusion?
  52. JBD's small brag
  53. Carbon Poker bad beat jackpot!!!!!!
  54. Pocket Pairs Need Some Help
  55. if roy has spammed you this is prolly why
  56. carbon run in july
  57. binkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  58. lolz client hand
  59. When you folded a winner!!!
  60. Thought I flopped the nutz!
  61. a post to catch up
  62. Less than 1% bad beat.
  63. Just back to playing poker
  64. won seat in 150k gaur
  65. i been on tilt many times
  66. lock 5 cent 1 rebuy
  67. Tournament Buy In (70797610) Texas Holdem TOPS #4 $15K Gtd
  68. this always hurts!
  69. Fresh start (PokerStars)
  70. beware americas cardroom
  71. lmfao rigged story of my life right here lol
  72. 100th PO FT and Leaderboard
  73. Won my first PO Carbon freeroll!!
  74. Just Ugh...
  75. i did it
  76. Tilt
  77. Won Last Night On Juicy Stakes
  78. Won first LLB!
  79. Et tu, PLO?
  80. just had to post this
  81. Zero to Hero - Story Of The Turk
  82. Ooops, I the donk?
  83. first win
  84. bluff of poker history pulled off by me! definitely best of PO history
  85. LMAO are you kiddin me
  86. Got my 18th win :)
  87. Not really a brag just a realization...
  88. Ouch!
  89. So you think your AA got cracked?
  90. 0$ To Hero? From Pokerowned? Post your stories here!
  91. just busted pass the $100 mark at po
  92. making the most from PO win
  93. TILT MFer!!!
  94. bad beats weekend
  95. i been playing for almost last sold 9 yrs and have alot past experience at poker.
  96. just won the 3k gtd at carbon poker
  97. My avg PO cash is for 3rd-4th
  98. King High Straight Flush
  99. turk dominance - road to greatness
  100. Royal flush baby! :ddddd
  101. Bovada 20$ PO Freeroll
  102. flop straight flush
  103. already on the all time tournyments won list
  104. Pretty good MTT start to the day
  105. just when u think uve seen it all
  106. Emotional control
  107. Donkeys
  108. 100K freeroll at FullTilt
  109. tilt :mad::mad::mad:
  110. Good Game On Juicy Stakes
  111. A little recap of my day so far.
  112. no1 cant beat my bad today
  113. deep in the 250 gtd
  114. Tell your funny bad beat story
  115. Another 'Golden Feedbag' accolade given out.
  116. I got my accolade b1tches! $215 High Roller Carbon.
  117. even in higher stakes
  118. for anyone whos interested in my past.. here u go.
  119. Not much you can do when someone's wiling to play like a clueless fool
  120. some dumb players man!
  121. Like watching someone get hit by lightning? enjoy.
  122. Royal flush
  123. lock poker
  124. flop four of a kind, Ace
  125. Wtf
  126. Please give me some advice about this hand
  127. Nice dimonds Nice river card
  128. so sick situation
  129. It's hard to get chips from the other player
  130. so sick
  131. Anyone can win this accolade.
  132. Cash Game Grinding on Carbon
  133. crushed in 3500GTD felt like i was playing PO freeroll
  134. Sooo Mad
  135. Second in BCP 50K Weekly Final Sat
  136. How many times can my KK lose to A rag all-in pre flop!!
  137. Bcp
  138. WSOP Circuit Raped Me!! Then Karma Strikes Back.
  139. Been running well lately in lowstake Live poker tourneys.
  140. attn zab and moderators
  141. Good Day going
  142. First for me...
  143. what the f do i do!!!
  144. I won 1st in the bovada freeroll tonight
  145. 4 left in the 2 rebuy garaunteed and I'm in first
  146. Cheated w/the best hand
  147. I was card dry all evening...
  148. Wild west rebuy on lock
  149. 10 10 vs 4 2 off
  150. Good Run
  151. Interesting Hand
  152. Losing w/ AA vs AA
  153. Carbon 25K Guarantee
  154. Back in the game
  155. Come to Bovada, get some donk meat!!!!
  156. How do you combat tilt?
  157. most winnings in a week for PO freerolls
  158. Play like this and you can be a superstar!!!!!!
  159. how do u think i played this hand? plz give you're imput
  160. My new winningest day
  161. Biggest tourney payout
  162. Sweating at Foxwoods
  163. Louisiana Indian Casino
  164. Tips for when you're running ridiculously bad?
  165. 3rd PO FR win in a week
  166. Poopboy916. Tourney 69989763 Hand 84, 06/06/2013
  167. AAvs.KKvs.QQ on the bubble
  168. wow sick ass rare ahnd 7 card striaght flush
  169. Turning a little into a lot!!!
  170. Felting Opponents
  171. High Hand Alert: Quad Queens
  172. Why I'm a winning player...
  173. Pokerschool Online Skill League
  174. Finally got one! Carbon FR!
  175. I won a seat for the 50k on bcp
  176. Another Juicy Bounty Win
  177. started at 0
  178. Ugh horrible loss at live poker tournement
  179. Just another day at the office...
  180. my happy thread
  181. $100 Mark
  182. A Royal Flush on FTP PLO Cash Game
  183. For those who say I was playing terrible today...
  184. Broke $300 mark in PO FR's
  185. Totally horrible bad beat today live.
  186. 3rd in new deposit freeroll.
  187. Juicy Bounty Win
  188. Tourney ticket freeroll on Intertops
  189. Get serious people!
  190. Jesus christ i love/hate stupid ppl
  191. 7th in Lock $100,000
  192. going for gold on acr no sleep till over 1000 br weeee wish me lucks haha
  193. just won the carbon used to be midnight turbo 483 players
  194. Possibly the Worst Best Fold Ever?
  195. Wooohoooo!!!!
  196. Soft game on CarbonMerge: $250 GTD $1R/1A
  197. First PO Carbon win
  198. Beating the 2200 person field
  199. Folding my smaller set
  200. Carbon 1pm Pacific time. 2nd place and was AFK
  201. Flopped str8 flush
  202. Using mini grinder points to determine average finish
  203. Qqqq
  204. Back on Tilt
  205. carbon win
  206. "Live Tournament"
  207. FYI ATTN: "StakingAces"
  208. goint to play live
  209. Thank God for Fun Steps!!
  210. Had a decent cash
  211. Me Whining
  212. Winning and Placing Live is Partly Due To Online Practice
  213. do i suck that bad?????
  214. Played an Eastern Poker Tour event tonight...
  215. 2013 Derby Poker Championship in Louisville, KY 5/2/13
  216. Won free ticket into PM #15 $125k guaranteed
  217. I Cashed in All 4 Carbon PO games 5/3
  218. Aaaa
  219. Poker and relationships
  220. 1st win in a while
  221. PO "Bad Beat Jackpot"
  222. what has 2 thumbs and dusts off EVERYTHING in the casino? this guy, right here...
  223. RaketheRake freeroll
  224. just a lil brag turn 5 into 83 playing 5.10 cent plo this was one of the big ones
  225. What a come back! last to 1st!
  226. Bragging
  227. From $50 to $500+ PLO Zoom Cash Game $0.50/$1
  228. 25 cent juicy tourney
  229. heyoooo drunk b2b
  230. 2nd place $277.76 $4.40 PLO Zoom [$500 GTD] (Pokerstars)
  231. My second ever royal
  232. $250k Free Roll Ticket won! 3rd tries a charm...
  233. FINALLY a 1st place in 10.90 9 man sng
  234. Carbon King of Suckouts
  235. Tired of all you crybaby as* men
  236. Fianlly the merge spell is broken! $100 GTD BOunty win.
  237. Biggest Cash in a While
  238. stupid
  239. I guess Lock Poker likes me
  240. first
  241. not having much luck lately
  242. Stars 100k priviledge freeroll
  243. much ado for nothing....yet again lol
  244. The win im proud of
  245. Finally won my first freeroll!!
  246. Latest final table donk out: $100 GTD BOunty carbon/merge
  247. Disgusting Cooler
  248. i wil put you on tilt.....
  249. $1k Bankroll Builder on Juicy
  250. My stats profile as i said i would put up