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    Elite PokerOwned Member dipstick2's Avatar
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    Aug 2011

    do we put to much hope on ak

    i wonder do we often over play the value of a k,i know at times i do,seems like if i get it 10 times ,it only comes up bout maybe 4 times on the flop.
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    PokerOwned God abwil2's Avatar
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    well its the 5th best starting hand for a reason but ya have to willing to ditch it after the flop if ya whiff..
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    Mar 2012
    I dont think its overvalued. Maybe after the flop when ppl dont let go of it. Buts its still a strong hand that has so many non pair hands dominated.

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    I always play ak like aces.

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    Here is David Sklansky take on Big Slick. Not sure I embrace this but it does have some merit.

    Poker Pro - Analyzing Ace King - Vid9 - YouTube
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    you know what they say, "don't get married to AK". that's the truth too. if it doesn't hit you gotta let it go.

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    Well when i get ak i always go allin preflop if im shotystack, but yea what Matusow is saying also true..

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    PokerOwned Demi-God AryAlton's Avatar
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    tricky hand, AK is a damn set up. just go all-in with it and pray like hell you dont get snapped off by pocket 2's
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    u either go all-in preflop or try to pretend ur playing high pair like j's and above..

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    Nice Allin hand when shortstacked, but I try not to overplay it and to let it go when not hitting the board.

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