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    Aug 2012

    I am now taking applications for runners that I can stake...

    The title says it all, I need a few good horses(not a few good men) to win us moneys. I am looking to start staking you by late next week and need a few runners that are honest, trustworthy and of course good at poker. below is what your tourney schedule will look like for BCP/ACR.

    1200 GTD/30$ buyin starts at 3pm CST... 1k GTD hyperturbo 20$buyin... 4k GTD 6max 20$ buy in... 12,500 GTD 25$ buy in... 15k GTD 100$ buy in... 2,500 GTD 10$ buy in..... If you are interested in making money at poker and have an available schedule you can apply below. I am a serious staker and need serious runners.
    If you are an applicant please leave your BCP/ACR screen name and tell me a little about yourself and recent poker accomplishments.

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    Aug 2012
    Also the percentages for payouts are 60/40 + SB and if final table 50/50 + SB. Thank you for your time

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    Jul 2013
    I am interested and accept all conditions.


    Some of my acomplishments:
    1 TURBO10 - $400 GTD PLO Hi/Lo 02/19/2014 [BlackChip] $581 $148
    6 BIG10 - $1,000 GTD 02/13/2014 [BlackChip] $2,100 $95
    4 BIG10 - $2,500 GTD 01/03/2014 [BlackChip] $2,770 $201
    8 TURBO10 - $1,200 GTD MEGA STACK 12/10/2013 [BlackChip] $1,200 $36
    3 BIG10 - $500 GTD 11/15/2013 [BlackChip] $715 $75
    3 BIG10 - $500 GTD 12/03/2013 [BlackChip] $525 $58
    4 BIG10 - $2,500 GTD 11/07/2013 [BlackChip] $2,570 $186
    9 BIG10 - $2,500 GTD 11/05/2013 [BlackChip] $2,840 $57
    1 BIG10 - $2,500 GTD 10/25/2013 [BlackChip] $2,500 $563
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    Jul 2013
    I know we've already talked a bit. I of course apply and accept conditions.

    If you need anything from me just let me know.

    bcp= squ1d3oo
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    Stake-back owed:

    Rivdee: $33
    BHerd: $11
    DK12: $22.00

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    Dec 2013
    I apply obv, given out discussion during the OSS on bcp I think we already got a method, now just need to plan out the attack HMU if you want to do that, and either way HMU if ya got any questions on the staking/stakee stuff (you know my history on that so just a offer of help lol)

    BCP: s810car
    or, if necessary (not my preference but for convenience), ACR: s10car
    Always Remember Your Roots

    Makeup Owed:

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    May 2013
    So I would love the chance to run some games for you. To b up front with you most of the time I only play in the evening when my kids and wife head to bed. I'm able to concentrate better once there i n bed. Because of that I only get a few tourneys in a night and mostly turbos due to the amount of time I have to play. Even if I can't b an everyday hoarse I would love the chance to run a few bigger games than what I normally play. Because I try and follow BM I normally don't play above the 10 dollar buy ins, except when it comes to sit and gos. So yeah Just looking for the chance to make a good score in a bigger tourney such as the 12.5 K and so on. Like I always tell the ppl I stake, to remember me in future if I'm ever down and out and needing a stake. I'll always return the favor when I able to.

    My bcp sn is newdaddyhere

    Ty for the taking the time to read this

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    Sep 2013
    im always up for a tourney or two having a good month so far

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    Nov 2011
    im interested.
    just chopped up WSOP $135 nightly for 5K. a few other rebuy wins on BCP, a 12.5K FT
    stake me on the cash tables PLO8 if you want a real return tho

    ACR: 1L0v3p0k3r
    BCP: d0114r5n53n53

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    Nov 2012
    Just curious, would these be on a 1-off basis for horses, or a full schedule, or a small series, or a little bit of all?

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    ACR screen name is AaronThivy

    I am an 18 year old college student, but summer break will be starting in two weeks so I will be able to shift my focus to poker if necessary. I am new at poker obviously, but have already done well in my limited poker playing. In the months of February and March I final tabled most of the live poker tournaments I joined and cashed in roughly half of them. Online I have been really doing well in the big 10 tournaments lately and even won two of them in one night. I have also been on a heater and have cashed many tournaments lately (several which are posted on the forums here). My confidence in poker is high right now, and I feel like I could benefit greatly from this opportunity.

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