Welcome to all beginners from myself, members, mods and the admin. This thread is a complete and up to date guide to help you learn about what the site has to offer, it will provide you with links to threads other members have taken the time to write, that will give you insight into how to navigate the site, and its features.

Table of contents:
Basics post #2
Forum posts #3-8
poker discussion
pokerowned discussion
Other topics
Bubble chat
Search features

Points for posting
Points posts #9-13

What are points
Earning points

Redeeming points
Trading/buying/selling points
Spending/betting points
Loaning points
Promotions post #14
Loyalty post #15

Firstly please look at this thread: PO for beginners it has every useful link the site has to offer in a structured and orderly fashion. Once acquainted with the information available understanding the site will become much easier, I will be going through each section in greater detail here providing links as I go along. This will enable you to get to grips with everything available.

I would also strongly suggest you watch these three videos as they will help u get a quick understanding how things work:
What is PokerOwned? - YouTube
PokerOwned Passwords and Coupons - YouTube
PokerOwned Promotions - YouTube