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    fkucdaw0rld here is the hand explain it

    AcesUp1439 Posts Ante 25.00
    jimmipage Posts Ante 25.00
    sartaj316 Posts Ante 25.00
    TONelson Posts Ante 25.00
    sickreadtwenty3 Posts Ante 25.00
    1StonedFace Posts Ante 25.00
    fkucdaw0rld Posts Ante 25.00
    rustillthere Posts Ante 25.00
    sickreadtwenty3 Posts SB 150.00
    1StonedFace Posts BB 300.00
    fkucdaw0rld All In 2185.00
    rustillthere Folds
    AcesUp1439 All In 1700.00
    jimmipage Folds
    sartaj316 Folds
    TONelson Folds
    sickreadtwenty3 Folds
    1StonedFace Folds
    AcesUp1439 Shows Ad,As
    fkucdaw0rld Shows 5c,4c
    AcesUp1439 Out
    fkucdaw0rld Won 4050.00 from Pot 1 with Flush King High
    fkucdaw0rld Won 485.00 from Pot 2 with Flush King High
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    dont even bother with that doush
    "Heard you're looking for a stud. Well, I got the S-T-D. All I need is you. " - Rooster

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    less than 10 bbs, plus the antes... not the greatest shove in the world, but understandable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magyk View Post
    less than 10 bbs, plus the antes... not the greatest shove in the world, but understandable
    Pretty much this but does he know this may be the question from gimmes response.

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    wow these free rolls are redonkulous, lol, thats the word of the week

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    I see this all the time, it's not Poker it is Donkfest, LMFAO!!!!!!!

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    its hard to be idiots on have to move on in these fr, happen to me as well qq vs 62 and out in 31 place..smh

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    this is exactly why low stakes and freerolls are soo hard to build from. people have no respect for the game or there own play. Just a push and pray, who cares games that teach nothing to anyone.. and for a site to EVER reward this kind of play is why people will say its rigged. run this hand with a real deck of cards for 100 hands and youd be lucky to see this once or twice LOL but online its every big hand played just about..
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    This is really ez to explain. Time=Money. FckDa is about to go through the blinds and lose close to 30% of his stack in the process. No ones folding to a stack less than 2k (in theory) so he decided to gamble and semi bluff knowing in MOST cases he's at least 40%. This is extreme bad luck that you have AA (1/256). He wins and he's got a good chance of going deep - loses and he goes on to the next tourney. If he waits and goes through the blinds hell have to doube up an extra 2 or 3 times to go deep. His hand was not Not the best % in the long run but not the worst play when considering your time vs money. Top 3 pay out the most.

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    Interesting push, although most would still have waited for a better hand. Even though you had less than 10 bbs, you weren't necessarily critical.

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