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    Disgusting Cooler

    I get into a hand in a ring game with K, Q of diamonds. I am in the cutoff and raise up the action. The button calls and the blinds fold, so I'm out of position.

    The flop comes AAJ with the an A of diamonds and the Jack of diamonds, putting me on a flush draw, broadway draw, and a royal draw. I bet my semi-bluff, my opponent raises, I re-raise... eventually, all the money gets in on the flop and my opponent turns over 10, 9 of diamonds.

    The turn is a 7 of diamonds and I'm all excited.

    I look away thinking I had won the hand and see the pot being given to them and then I realized that I missed their straight flush draw and the river (an 8 of diamonds) gave the a straight flush 7-J of diamonds, beating my nut flush and costing me $7.40 and a $15 pot.

    How often does a cooler like that go down? Yikes.

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    figured the 8 was gonna come while i was reading hand situation..


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    yep it could also be a full house :P

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    that wasn't too bad, sounds like 2 fish were chasing the same bait

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    It happens. Not that often but its pretty much the same as if the turn was a blank and the river was a 9. I woulda been a little tilted, not gonna lie lol

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    Damn man that's a prtty sick hand. That kind of stuff usually happens to me about a few times a day.

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    quit crying you woman man up and rebuy and give us more $

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    When it comes to online poker it should not be shocking to see it happen. I am baffled when people act so amazed by the beats you get online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drywallman3 View Post
    that wasn't too bad, sounds like 2 fish were chasing the same bait
    EXACTLY what i was thinking WTF was either hand willing to get it allin. Both played the hand like a donk one just got luckier then the other LOL
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