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    Smile Things I know NOW that I wish I knew when I was NEW.

    It wasn't too long ago that I was new so I still sorta remember some of the things that were very helpful in learning about the site. Here is a bunch of info:

    There are some promotions that are passive (you may be in it and not even know)
    Player Ratings
    so I recommend visiting all the tabs listed under promotions and checking them all out!

    For every promotion there is a FAQ, sometimes it is hard to find as it is small, usually near the top of the page.

    In order to be able to chat on the main page, one must first make a post or two in the forum.
    It doesn't have to be a thread created, you can reply to any thread.
    You can post in THIS ONE.

    Black Chip Poker results are always delayed. That is why they are part of some promotions but not all.
    Any Last Longer Bets you made on Black Chip Poker will possibly take up to 2 days to pay out.

    The bounties listed on the main page are for Carbon Games only.
    If you register early, your name might show up as a bounty.
    If you click on the name of the person bountied it will show the tournament ID.
    That is how you can tell if it is for the current tournament or previous.

    If you need to opt out of a tournament you can if the password page has not been activated yet.
    (More than 15 minutes until)

    Click on (View All Tournaments)
    Right below the Freeroll Schedule on the Main Page and there is an option to opt out at the far right.
    < See image at of this post>
    The raffle gives you free tickets for offers you do over 25pts. You may have FREE tickets and not even know it! They expire after 24 hours so check it daily!

    Carbon coupons can sometimes be delayed.

    Some of the offerwalls are better at paying than others. Don't waste time doing offers that are not either on the
    Task Ticker
    or the What's Working Page.

    Tips for Radio Loyalty

    Radio Loyalty Post with pictures

    There are 3 different Radio Loyalty offers.
    The one on the main offers page is the 5pts per 10 minutes.
    The one that shows up on the right bottom of home page under videos is 2 pts per 10 min.
    The one under Peanut Labs is 7 pts per 30 minutes.

    As suggested in another thread, got a browser add-on timer.

    I set a countdown for 10 minutes, mute it and leave it alone. I like the blues station, it gives me commercial (video) catchpas that are no problem
    When my timer goes off I go back to the RadioLoyalty page to enter the catchpa and reset timer.

    After you click the link and it opens the radio page, leave it on one station for 10 minutes. The catchpa will pop up, you fill it out, press enter.
    The radio page will reload itself and start all over again.

    Certain browsers have given people trouble. I use Firefox and it works fine.
    You can mute it and it will still give you the points.
    If you change the station or refresh the page it starts the process all over again.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Here are a few other things I haven't had issues with but see other asking about frequently in chat.

    "Where's my points?...I bought points and want to get into the game in XX minutes?" or "I can't go into marketplace, it says I purchased points so I can't "
    If you buy points or try to Redeem points , that will have to be manually done by Zab. You should check for his status at the top of chat-box before proceeding or expect that it will not be instant. Some poker rooms take longer than others. It will also mean you can't do LLB's or go into Marketplace.
    This is designed to prevent scamming and is no reflection on you. It happens to everyone equally.

    "I was doing this survey and spent XX minutes and then it told me disqualified and I didn't get points"

    Ya that happens to the best of us. Its frustrating! It still happens to me so I don't have an answer but I feel your pain.

    "Why do I have negative points?"
    There was likely an issue with a Credit Card offer and it got reversed. The points you received for that offer have been debited.

    "I opted in to a PO free-roll but then didn't enter the tournament. How do get my points back?"

    Go to Help Desk Tab and choose Request Refund

    "I did XXXX offer and didn't get my points, who do I complain to?"
    Each offerwall has its own support (except for CPA and PO offers) On the specific page look for a link that says check offer status or support.
    Here is a link to a post I made about my system for contacting support.

    "Under everyone's avatars at the very bottom of the profiles it has the amount of money won. Where is this money being won at? "
    That is money won from PO games on Merge (Carbon or Aced), Lock, Black Chip, and Juicy . This information, along with All Time Tournaments Won, All Time Money Won, All Time Final Tables, and Current Month Money Won can also be seen on the Leaderboard

    "Why are there Black Chip Poker sit n go Poker Owned tournaments? How do I get in?"
    It is an error on BCP's part, no one actually plays in those.
    Rely on the schedule on the home page.

    "How do I get into the WSOPokerOwned Tournament ?

    I am on the leader board but didn't get a ticket. "

    The leaderboard shown is for the current month, you are still earning chips for that tournament which will be held in a month (or more if there are delays, which there have been in the past)

    "Can I see if I qualified for WSOPokerOwned last month?"
    That leaderboard is gone , sorry. Maybe in the future we will have that feature.

    "I downloaded XXXX and didn't get my points and/or it gave me a virus!"

    You have to allow all that extra bundled software with it.

    I recommend using Sandboxie for downloads.

    Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.

    " Why am I not getting points for posting?"
    There is a cap to how many points you get for posts. 20 points = 4 posts per day.
    Read more here.
    There are several helpful threads and videos that help. You may have already read some of these. I am just trying to conglomerate all this info into one post for the new people.

    You can get your questions answered much more quickly now with our new Support Ticket System. This system is used by Zab and all the Mods including Pooffy who has many of the same functions as Zab now.

    So if you want to see your help request get answered quicker, head on over and try it out:

    (It's under the help desk tab)

    The videos are listed under Help Desk

    Passwords video
    PokerOwned Passwords and Coupons - YouTube

    Promotions Video
    PokerOwned Promotions - YouTube

    FAQ pages for various promotions.

    Donkey Derby FAQ

    Grinder Challenge FAQ

    KO the Champ FAQ

    Pin the Tail on the Donkey FAQ

    Raffle FAQ

    WSOPokerOwned FAQ
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    VVickedKitty 4 Mod!

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    Awesome list for people, seriously.

    Unfortunately unless this gets stickied new members won't read it

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    Great, great thread. I didn't know about the raffle.

    Yes, what do we need to do to get this stickied?

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    Can I get a Mod to check this for accuracy and If approved sticky it?

    I wasn't sure if Poofy has those extra privileges yet as Super Mod (Redeems and such) to include her on the buying points issue.

    I think that " guess I have to post here to be able to chat" thread should be stickied too.
    I was a member for months before I figured that one out!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rivdee View Post
    Awesome list for people, seriously.

    Unfortunately unless this gets stickied new members won't read it
    hey wont read it anyway
    17:51 <PooffyFooffy> not everyone screws up things the way I can
    20:27 <PooffyFooffy> I could use all the help I can get, lol
    <PooffyFooffy>lol I have my share of duh moments, regularly, lol

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    This is a great thread. Awesome information. I really hope the newbies will read this and it will help them to navigate through the site a little better!

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    Okay Thank you for this thread, I am new here today and am glad to see this. I thought I was slower than slow because I could not figure out how to chat. I bought my ticket for Carbon Poker over 25 minutes ago... and did not get it on the 12: 30 round so again this is helpful information. Looking forward to playing with you all and GL.
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    Great list! Hopefully this will be stickied.

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    This is a great thread with a lot of helpful information...This will help all the newbies...Awesome thread VVickedKitty.

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