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    Exclamation Loyalty Accounts - Perks & Points

    This is a follow-up to Daytradin's Verification Thread with information about Loyalty Accounts as well.

    Did you make an extra account to be connected to PokerOwned's Loyalty Program?

    If the answer to this question is yes, then fantastic! You are on your way to earning FREE cash and you are able to take even more advantage of the great promotions PokerOwned holds.

    Is that account verified?

    If the answer to this question is no, then you better get to it!

    If you need information on how to get verified, click on the link at the top of this post regarding verification by Daytradin.

    Even if one of your accounts on Merge is verified, that does not mean any future accounts or other present accounts are also verified. You must go through the same process for each skin.

    With an unverified account, all of that hard-earned money you have racked up is worth nothing and can not be cashed out or transferred without going through the verification process.

    The same account you use to receive coupons to play in the freerolls is also the one connected to the Staking System.

    That means whenever you request a stake for PokerOwned Tournaments or personal tournaments, your username will have a red X beside it; therefore claiming you are not verified on that username.

    Are you only using your Loyalty Account to play in freerolls and get a 10% discount on coupons and a 10% Redeem Bonus?

    Play on it! Users who do not play on their Loyalty Account void the 10% Redeem Bonus. There is also a points-back system in place according to however much you rake on your Loyalty Account, you will receive back a percentage in points!

    Exclusive Monthly $500 Freeroll/Buyin Tournament:

    Every month on the second Saturday of the month ChipSplit will offer a $500 freeroll for all players tracked to affiliates who have opted-in to the promotion.
    PokerOwned IS opted-in to allow users who are connected to us a monthly $500 Freeroll and $2.20 $500 added Buyin Tournament. There is also a $5000 Monthly Exclusive Freeroll offered by Chipsplit for qualifying users who have raked enough on connected accounts.

    There is no question at all as to why you shouldn't verify or not play on your Loyalty Account!

    *If you do not yet have a Loyalty Account, please signup on a skin you aren't a part of yet.

    You can click on these links to signup to the 2 skins that you can take advantage of.

    *Clear cookies before making an account and downloading the softwares to these sites to ensure no problems arouse. I recommend downloading CCleaner to clear your cookies fully. Ccleaner is a free program and takes up minimal space on your computer. I also use it to do surveys & offers on here and find myself converting more offers than ever along with better performance on my computer!

    Carbon Poker
    Aced Poker

    Already have accounts at these skins? Click HERE to find out other options to become connected to our Loyalty Program.
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    awesome job on compiling 3 threads in to one.

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    nice job dalsue. looking good and easy.....

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    Thanks for the information. Well written and concise.

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    need to get verified already dam and ty for the info
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    Thank you for the info Dalsue!!!!

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    still fucking amazes me how im not part of the loyalty program

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    Quote Originally Posted by suncitydm View Post
    still fucking amazes me how im not part of the loyalty program
    Did you make an account with us?

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    Good info, it should help myself and lots of other people out

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    Testimony: How can you go wrong with a Loyalty account? You can't! There are only up sides I just started a couple this month and they both have been fun and profitable ventures! Good Luck Loyalty Members!

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