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    Cool Introduction - I'm a New PO Member


    I'm a new member to PokerOwned but definitely not new to the GPT / Affiliate Network industry (I've been in various positions professionally for about a decade now) At the moment I'm into heavy referring to all the better sites I know (and I'll add PO to that list) I'm heavily skilled in the areas of coding and web site promotion (and that makes me a heavy referrer)

    I'm located very near Chicago (IL USA) I run several very popular GPT referral / info sites, a dozen or so popular GPT related facebook groups, a handful of GPT related top site lists, a GPT site that I use for testing a particular professional GPT site script that I author instructions & technical documentation for, etc.

    Please don't ask me about my current ventures with other GPT sites and such as I am always respectful to the site I'm currently on and I won't name them or give advice that would undercut the business of PokerOwned!

    I'm finding PO quite interesting in that it almost appears as if they took forum software and added a whole lot of functionality - good job!

    Well that's it for now...
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    Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to the site.

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