Solutions to fix Sage not accepting correct password
These are some basic solutions you can try whenever you find it difficult to access your Sage account because of an error related to your password:
Solution 1: Recover Sage 50 Accounts Password
Use the instructions below to reset your Sage password:
Step 1: Open Sage and go to the home page
Step 2: Click ‘Sage Drive’ and open the Drive Management Centre
Step 3: Select ‘Forgot Password’ and enter your email ID registered
Step 4: Sign in to your registered email and follow the instructions given in the Sage email.
You can also ask the administrator to directly reset the password for your account.
Solution 2: Use Demonstration Data to create a New User with a Password
Step 1: Open the company window and select Demonstration data
Step 2: Enter the required details and login as Manager
Step 3: Open Settings and go to the Access Rights
Step 4: Click ‘New’ then ‘Test’ and enter a Username and Password
Step 5: Log out of the manager account and log in using the new username and password you created.

If the Sage password persists then you should call the Sage support number and reach out to an expert who will be able to guide you through more advanced troubleshooting solutions.

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