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    Recent Cheating at WPN

    In case you didn't know already....
    Some refunds have already been issued, but the question is can you still trust them?
    2+2 has also withdrawn advertising with WPN.

    your thoughts?
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    OMG there is a PO member at that 1st table he showed

    *** he is NOT one of the 30 this guy talks about !! *****
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    If there was a PO member at that table they probably already got a refund they were giving refunds for anyone that were at those cash tables LOL... I've been following this ACR thing for a while..... I think it will be fine it was mostly at cash game tables but they never seem to care about Bots very much anyway... collusion is one thing and they need to keep catching those cheaters for sure but they'll never get rid of all the Bots i think

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