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    Monetizing the poker client \ changing the currency

    So we are currently linked to another site. Soon the client will be linked to 5 sites.

    The issue is the currencies and every site having a different value at every site.. Also, how do you monetize it..

    Here's what I came up with, in a rough draft. 1 Single "Poker Currency" where you can earn while playing and while not playing.

    Weekly, Monthly leaderboards (Possibly daily) as well as more tournaments run through out the day. I want to EVENTUALLY run this every hour and maybe every 30 mins if we get enough traffic. rough idea what this looks like (Peter can Geo target what’s available for each user)
    • Poker client embedded into the site (Push a button to pop out?)
    • We will now use a POKER BALANCE (Coins or Health). This will be an internal balance that is either in place of or in addition to multi-site currencies (Likely this will be the only balance to keep things simple?)
    • There will be a Weekly & Monthly leaderboard. (Potentially daily also)
    o This will be funded (admin control panel) with a set amount (Seed amount)
    o Then a % of each offer users do (see below)
    o Players will have the ability on a leaderboard to “Claim” the prize for 24 hours then they disappear.
    o Tournaments are run as normal using POKER BALANCE Coins as the prize (Which they can cash out for BTC)
    • Runs ads in the upper right These should refresh every XX seconds. Users can opt out of these, but opting in will give them more chips. (Set these, what types of ads to rotate, videos, how long etc)
    o Potentially give users chips if they click an add every once in awhile offerwalls that ‘pop up’ or whatever the best solution is here so users can do them while playing poker.
    • Doing an offer while playing or not playing will do the following:
    o Increase your chip count (after each hand?) Only while playing obviously
    o Increase your POKER BALANCE (This is real cash)
    o Increase the Daily \ Weekly \ Monthly Prize pool by a %
    • Offer breakdown (Selectable Example)
    o 1000 Coins are rewarded to the user for doing selectable (or $.01)
    o 70% goes to the users Poker Balance (his real money)
    o 10% to the daily prize pool, 10% to the weekly prize pool, 10% to the monthly prize pool
    o *5% to his chip stack if actively playing in a tournament
    • Give users a % of any offers ANOTHER user does at the table. This will entice others to do offers and also create a sort of “Hey thanks for the extra chips!”
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    There's a poker client here? AWESOME! Gotta go find it now.

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