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    The Upcoming Bitcoin Split and what it means for you

    Not sure if you guys heard, but Bitcoin is going through some changes on August 1st (Which incidentally enough is the first day of our new leaderboard contest). The basic idea is a change in the code to avoid all of the confirmation delays. So here's what you need to know:

    - This explains what is actually happening on the tech end to it:

    - This is a list of the wallets that will NOT support the new exchange; Coinbase is on the list, so you might wanna start shopping for a new btc wallet:

    - Our wallet will not be affected by this, so us sending coin out won't have any delays, but...nitrogensports is gonna make changes on their end, and will have a stop on all deposits and withdrawals for a day or two. Here is their statement on it:

    If you are looking for nitro funds, I'd advise trying to trade with someone in here for it as their transfers will not be affected.

    More information as I get it, if anyone knows more please feel free to share here.

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    I have like 22 nitrogen chips ,,, I'm just wondering if I should just let it sit there until after August 1st or withdraw it to blockchain wallet? I'm not sure now,,,, I'm not in a hurry to withdraw it . So hopefully they will still have withdrawals to blockchain wallets after August 1st again

    I I only have blockchain wallet which I heard will be okay and we can leave our Bitcoin in our blockchain wallet like normal

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