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    Is Deep in Tournament # I am not deep in any tournament

    You are deep in a tournament. I am not. Why are you deep in a tournament and I'm not? Because things went well for you, that's why. Keep it up. In fact, take the chips that you won from me and take the whole thing down. After that, you'll have $12 more than you had before...Immediately jump into an $11 buy-in, the later into the late reg period the better. Double up twice and you'll be one of the forces to be reckoned with. Then get another major suckout and take that tourney down too. That should give you around $500. Jump into a $300 buy-in, continue your good run and take that one down too and cash out for over $10K. Play in the main event of the WSOP and turn your 10K into $10,000,000 by getting lucky over and over again, even if you didn't bring your A game with you. This is evidently in the cards for you for the future, you, and not me. You'll forget about all the suckouts you got to get there, all you'll think to yourself is that you're one of the great players that ever played the game. You'll go on thinking that for the rest of your life, but really, none of that is true, you were just lucky, that's all.
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    "Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you will get the results" -Oscar Wilde



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    Ok that Is funny I don't care who you are and can you tell me how I can be that lucky cause I would never get past first step

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    lol a pretty funny thread..if they even make it that far..

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    ok maybe you need to play like that to

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