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Thread: lock transfer

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    Experienced Member dedguywalkin's Avatar
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    Jan 2013

    lock transfer

    didn't receive funds

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    I whine like a 5 year old girl
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    Apr 2011
    what do you mean??? when did you put in the trasnfer/redeem lock sometimes takes up to 24 hours to p2p these days and is pretty much worthless
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    TON is Gone.
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    Oct 2012
    LOL please tell me you didn't take your b2b winnings and buy Lock with it. Talk about turning something into nothing........
    TON is GONE. Blame the Mods. They stopped caring, or at least that's how it looks and feels.

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    it's his right to blow it all on what he wants........................

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    i sent you the funds man I just double checked-sometimes they take a while to show up in your account. did you read the wait 24 hours b4 disputing or r u blind. I will never trade with you again

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    PokerOwned Admin Poof's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by dedguywalkin View Post
    didn't receive funds
    Do you have the funds now?

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    Sep 2012
    p2p transfers can take up to 12hrs dude. you just have to wait it out.

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    It's just Lock... so much overlay that they can't pay people to work in Customer Service. They take days to respond to any correspondence and often ignore much of it altogether... that is, unless you threaten them with physical violence. Then it takes like 5 minutes.

    It's a joke site... I've been waiting for a 1k cashout for >4 months now... CS adverties that cashouts were 8 weeks.

    Traffic is a joke.

    Play on a better site.

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