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Thread: Strategy to MTT

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    Strategy to MTT

    MTT poker tournaments or MTT (multi-table tournament) can be frustrating. Sometimes you play four hours straight and you just removed before charging, and even when you reach the 'bubble', the blinds will eat your stack and only get back your entry fee.

    Today I will give you 10 tips that will bring them one step closer to the final table of the tournament.

    1. Choose carefully when

    Do not see all-in bets with hands like AJ or KQ non-joint. If a player who has more chips than you moves all-in, fold if you have a hand like AQ or 5-5. Will and better opportunities for themselves, without having to risk everything so early.

    2. Try to see the flop

    If you go all-in every 5 hands, it will take time until you get to reach a final table. Ante up if you have strong cards, but do not play your whole stack at once. Hands like AK are very strong but if you can not match on the flop, lose to a single pair of deuces. So it is wiser to bet big to see the flop and if you get a king, bet the whole bete. If your opponents fold, you can give you satisfied with what you've earned. Sometimes two hands of this type can be as helpful as a hand that you get bend in chips, with less risk.

    3. Try to see the flop if you have pocket pair

    The temptation to enter into an all-in-3 bands with QQ is great, but personally I would retire in such situations, for reasons explained in # 1. The chances that a hand like QQ outperform other 3 players is relatively low. While it is true that QQ should be raised before the flop, we must bear in mind that if they leave an ace or a king, you've probably helped him win over some other player.

    Some think that this style is closed or weak but do not let it get to you .. Why be eliminated because of having a pocket pair?

    4. Focus on your table, not the chip leader

    This really is helpful advice: Forget the "lobby." Not in 1100 a table with other players and you can not control the chip leader. All you can do is play the 8 players on your table. Therefore, it makes no sense to check every now and how far you are in the top 10, because there is no difference. You may have a short stack and a couple of hours after you have won the tournament.

    Often happens that players realize the disadvantage that lead over the former and adjust their style of play, they take more risks. Avoid it, walking away from the "lobby" of the tournament information.

    5. Do not bet the least because it is, with bad hands

    KJ suitede may sound good, but in middle position is best not to play them. All I can assert on the flop if you play hands like these are the stairs and the color. Beware the chips and bets (up) with these hands only when you're on the button and if nobody has bet until your turn. This advice also applies to 10-J, K-10, A-10 etc.

    6. Do not despair

    Of course it's annoying that you are only 10 big blinds, but patience is the mother of science.

    Still backs with good hands only and do not start playing with the kamikaze poker, going all-in from middle position with QJ. Two hands later, you could have A-K. Wait, you use your position or go all in with a pocket pair or Ace strong minimum. It would be a waste to spend many hours playing so that you eliminate with a KQ.

    7. Anticipate what your opponents will

    You have a few chips, you're on the button and Quiros steal the blinds. In addition, the big blind in chips and lead are betting everything. I withdraw in this situation, because you know that the big blind will match your bet and that is enough to earn a Q. Wait for a better situation. The blinds have gone and you're left with another full round to gamble with a potentially better hand.

    8. Up the ante with strong hands

    Simply match can be profitable in certain situations, but in general you have to do is a pot and gather data. If you have AA for example, raise a bet. The jackpot increases and becomes more tempting to your opponents and you will go ahead in the hand. If you simply call the bet and he does not get paired on the flop, you'll get a small boat. If you have a JJ type hands, then the rise in front of a bet will give you information: a rise back to yours possibly indicates that you play it against a better pair. Up is good, even bad.

    9. Leave your ego aside

    If you lose playing AK against A-7 and you're left with half the chips, do not seek revenge by playing bad hands speculate against that opponent. You will not get money risking more. Fits the coup and continues to take right decisions. The ego is what you will tildarte.

    10. Beware

    In fact, this is the most important advice. Make sure you feel cool and stay focused. If you're tired after a hard day's work and you can hardly open my eyes, do not get in MTTs. Only win a tournament if you have a clear mind.

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    it is expensive to see the flop in MTTs,but if you can limp in,you should go for it.

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    Thanks for the info! Sometimes the tournament situation is more important than the cards, for example sometimes it is best to fold even AA, while in certain situations even 23offsuit is good enough for an all-in

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