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    Regarding this Month's Leaderboard Contest.

    For this month (August 2017) I'm going to be running a side-contest off of this month's main Official PO Leaderboard contest.

    I'm pledging to give away whatever I win, to my highest point earning affiliate sign-up for the month, (provided I place in the top 3), plus any amount won, should I earn a seat, play and cash in the corresponding monthly freeroll.

    That could possibly be a total prize awarded of 350,000 PO points.

    You can track my progress here,

    In order to be fully eligible for this month's side contest, you must of registered through this link:

    If for some reason I do not place in the top 3 in this month's leaderboard contest, and fail to gain an entry or do not cash in the corresponding monthly freeroll, I pledge to award my highest point earning affiliate sign-up 100,000 points out of my own pocket.

    I have recorded all of my affiliate sign-ups point totals and for the purpose of this side-contest moving forward (as of Friday, August 18th, 2017 @ 3PM EST) everybody's totals will accumulate from zero.

    Since I have 35+ affiliate sign-ups, and am adding some daily, it should prove to be an interesting side-contest.

    I will post the results of the winner in this thread and can provide follow-up documentation, if necessary.

    I'm always available to help my affiliates earn points provided I am logged in either online or via mobile.

    Thank you and Good Luck!

    Update: 8/25/2017 @ 11:00 PM PST.

    Upon my analysis of this month's leaderboard contest and in looking at all the possible scenarios, I'm officially making my top prize 250,000 PO Points, Guaranteed.

    I will not be participating in this months entry into the associated freeroll, and will pay 250,000 PO to my highest point earning affiliate-sign up for the month of August 2017, regardless of my finish in main August 2018 Leaderboard Contest.

    The current leader, (as of this update) is "ninjacat" my highest earning affiliate sign-up since I started this side contest earning total of 94,620 PO Points.

    There is still plenty of time left in the month to claim the prize.

    Thank you and Good Luck!
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    I think this is a really awesome gesture and great incentive. Good form Stubby...good form.

    Best Poets of All time<br/>

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    Our body is the temple of God. No man shalt mix clay with iron will surely perish.

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    That's really nice,,,,, all your referrals will be really lucky ...that would be a nice amount of points to win.and lucky for new people..... as far as regular leaderboard contest here I think you will be winning that,,every month LOL it doesn't look like there's anyone even close to you that can earn over a million points.. already,,,,. This month..

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    Congratulations to "ninjacat" the winner of my August 2017 Pokerowned Leaderboard side contest.

    She managed to accumulate a whopping 296,230 points since joining mid-month and picked up my grand prize of 250,000 additional Pokerowned points in the process.

    Great Job and well done.

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