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    I'm sure we have all noticed a switch to cryptocurrency to play poker. Pick your coin there is probably a poker room. Pretty clever way to get around the UIGEA as long as you put a wallet in between the poker room and coinbase or whatever you use to cashout coins. It seems like there is a new poker room starting and another failing every single week. Ethereum is difficult for beginner users to use and bitcoin has become very expensive. There is a lot of these ethereum based poker rooms starting backed by pros like Virtue Poker, Coin Poker, and many others(ERC20 coins). IMO they can't become hugely popular until there is a good wallet for ethereum like bitcoin core has. All options for ethereum are very buggy. What poker rooms do you folks see as having the potential to grow? Will ACR Ignition and betonline remain as the dominant forces or will new rng's verified by blockchains be the future? a public ledger like a blockchain eliminates fraud right? IMO it helps but doesnt go far enough. The way users were cheated in the past and still are today is superusers. Accounts that can see all the hole cards like administrative accounts. Do people even have faith in online poker anymore? What's your take on it? Stick with the live cardrooms and casino's? Play online in private games? Whats your favorite site? NO AFFIL LINKS PLEASE FOLLOW FORUM RULES

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    I nearly always deposit via Bitcoin on ACR, my favorite site. I find it to be useful and somewhat fast. I have never encountered any problems thus far.

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    think about before cryptocurrency and waiting for a check to come in the mail it's a good change and hope it continues

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