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    100 Game HUSNG Challenge

    Iíve been feeling a bit burnt out recently grinding MTTís so have decided to try something different for a change of pace. I used to play a bit heads up a couple of years ago. I wasnít any good at it then and have forgotten what little I did know. So it will be good to get back in practise.

    Hopefully I can improve my heads up game and hand reading. I also want a break from worrying about money and just enjoy the mental challenge of poker again.

    This is going to be for the turbo HUSNG on Full Tilt.

    For each level Iíll play 100 games.

    If I win 51+ games then Iíll move onto the next level.

    If I lose 51+ games then the challenge is over.

    If I finish with 50 wins then Iíll play a sudden death game.

    Iím going to start out right at the bottom and hopefully not finish there. The levels are:


    So first up is $1.10 level. Play ABC poker, value bet, donít bluff them off hands etc.

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    really think its quite hard to play abc poker in these hu turbs. Just beacause it gets to a stage quite early on where its shove or fold... what do you think? I play these to take advantage of that and play really aggro. Lots of small raises, not big bluffs.

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    Good luck with your micro stakes micro stakes are impossible to strategise almost especially when playing turbo.

    Its a interesting challenge ..

    Im willing to do this with you if we do 25 games per level and we start at like 11.50

    ^^ Diablo 2 thing.. I spent many years of my life pissing off people on hardcore.^^

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