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Thread: Laptop advice

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    Laptop advice

    Going to be purchasing a new laptop.. currently only have a desktop, as my laptop broke and isn't worth fixing bc it is/was a PoS. Anyway, I will need this laptop for playing poker... multiple clients @ the same time. Additionally, I run a Hud/stream music from Pandora/Spotify, as well as surf the web while I play with Skype use etc. I also am looking to stream on Twitch in the near future, so I need a laptop that will handle all of this simultaneously. HMU with ideas/suggestions. Looking to spend up to 1k, but prefer to get @ closer to $500 if possible. Rivdee has already said he will do some research for me, but I might as well get as much input as possible. I do not want a touchscreen, and I would like to get a laptop with antivirus stuff etc. I look forward to your suggestions

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    you should check out the lenovo friend has one it's awsome..they start at $499 and meet all of your req..

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    good fine

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