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    About 2 months ago, $50 tournament, this happened in the 2nd blind level.

    347 rainbow flop, 4 people get it all in. 33. 44, 77, JJ. J on turn, 4 on river. If I can figure out how to upload it from my phone, I will.

    Same venue, 1 week later. 1/2 NL Cash game, seat 9 has been on a heater. Flop comes JT8, all spades, he has Q9ss. Very next hand, he has A5cc, 234, all clubs on the flop. Got paid off both times.

    In all the time I've played online, I haven't seen 2 straight flushes in a row, let alone at the same table to the same person. I've seen 3 sets before, but never had it where 4 sets hit, and one quads up on the river.
    If you PM me about stakes (or randomly bubble chat me, which I consider the same thing), and I haven't done business with you before, or talked with you before, you will NEVER get a stake from me.

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    Nice win madjek weeee

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    Thumbs up I don't want to brag but

    I can call it Jackpot!


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    I suppose he tipped the dealer good lol

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