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  1. wtf such a dumb ass call but ok
  2. Incredible!
  3. hero fold lolz
  4. playing Poker Drunk !!!!!!!!
  5. straihgt flush (in 3 card poker)
  6. these donkssss
  7. cashed for the first time
  8. Caution in client : vtriclone the hit n run queen
  9. My day in a nut shell.
  10. juicy str8 flush micro
  11. I took 2nd in the $300 gtd this morning.
  12. SuckOut Saturday
  13. Not on tilt.. But what the fxxx
  14. Just had a MONSTER live $1/2 session at the casino...
  15. Bad turn and crucial river for this Guy!!!!
  16. Donks Donklers and Donkeys....What is the origin?
  17. From 0 to 500
  18. he told me to call
  19. Stright flush beats my Quads, ARRRRRRRG! Where is the badbeat jackpot eh?
  20. annoying
  21. bad beat
  22. confused
  23. cubsfan2589/Sup3rgirl17 Bounty
  24. What tilts/bugs you most when playing live
  25. I really did,
  26. apparently nobody from jersey's on here, but...
  27. PO game beats Where you got it in good
  28. great runs always end s bad
  29. unreal bcp rewards the donks like ussual
  30. BCP 15 days of Ramadan/Quanza/Christmas/Festivus challenge(s)
  31. who is the best ?
  32. does this shit always gotta happen???
  33. Odd
  34. Quad kings beats quad queens / bad beat progressive / carbon poker/dammmmm!
  35. Such Donkey BS!!!! So lucky!!!
  36. To all you donkeys who i play on poker client
  37. 10 After
  38. I FINALLY get a win tnite bcp:)
  39. Who is sicker? Weeeeeeeeeee
  40. This is how I run
  41. po donks...po donks everywhere
  42. Greatest Comeback Experiance
  43. wholy fucking 1 out river magic
  44. Ken: By Request
  45. flop quads in cash game
  46. First Carbon Game = WIN!
  47. To All The Crazy Wins...
  48. 5th place - $552.82 in $11 NL Holdem Turbo [$8.5k GTD]
  49. Scoop Scoop Scoop featuring PokeYourFace
  50. Watch the charge.
  51. Losing streak I cant end
  52. Here we go again,, I hope
  53. sick sick hand
  54. that moment when
  55. Sick fold
  56. foxgreen Royal Flush - carbon 7Pm game 11/25/13
  57. Another duh ...BINGO member....----> " PrayingforSpades ".......
  58. My favorite way to win
  59. Absurd is the word
  60. My favorite way to lose
  61. straight flush for jack shit
  62. Best fold in a long time!
  63. tilt ruins me
  64. can u say soul read!
  65. Bad Beats
  66. 36 is the nuts
  67. F**K Poker
  68. 4 aces
  69. Absolute WORST way to lose chips....
  70. 2NL Zoom On Pokerstars AJ From SB
  71. So Deep, so long!
  72. sometimes u just know
  73. 6 consecutive sport bet wins
  74. 2nd place in 10C pokerstars
  75. This Hand put me in first in the Big $200
  76. This hand sums up this week for me
  77. Just Took Down The 7pm P.O. Carbon
  78. 1st place at Carbon today! Had a Couple massive hands !Sick Azz Fuuuu....
  79. Some interesting hands I picked up...
  80. I'm currently the chip leader in the OPS Main Event
  81. dumb calls
  82. Saturday Poker Night [Winnings] Top 3 best
  83. See ya in the OPS Championship
  84. 1st place at Brovada and 4th at Carbon and 2 10$ wins at AC AND BC !Great day! Yesss
  85. OPS Event #61 (Omaha). The last 2 minutes.
  86. cant find a stake so i beat some tards
  87. Wish this was in a PO event instead of a $25 Freeroll
  88. gotta post something up 24k
  89. First mtt of the day and a nice 2 outer to bust me out lol
  90. OPS #31 cash!!!!
  91. I just can't catch a break!
  92. JohnNBrazon
  93. Killing it on SWC tonight!!
  94. Not My Day!
  95. bcp bonus
  96. lmfao plo at its best
  97. Well i really enjoyed a nice second place finish was well needed =op
  98. Beat this and win $10
  99. Playing Well So Far In Poker Owned Tourneys
  100. Best PO players by poker client
  101. dat hero call
  102. Abusing the bubble in the 2.5k
  103. Wooohoooo First MTT Win :)
  104. quads baby!
  105. Soo sick f#ck aa
  107. This shit aint right
  108. bcp is worst site imaginable
  109. Just Finished First In The PokerOwned BlackChip Freeroll
  110. gott a love fucking rigged ass blackchip wanna be poker
  111. like a boss
  112. wow once in a fuckign lifetime hand here ! forreal best hand winz soemtimes!
  113. Wtf!the most bullshit donkey call ever!sucked-out!!
  114. Great HU match $15.00 USD (win)
  115. Today's $1200 cooler
  116. First ever Straight Flush
  117. dealing with a maniac
  118. 12.5k doesn't like me
  119. What 0% feels like, a bluff gone completely wrong
  120. 2nd Place In Poker Owned BlackChip Freeroll
  121. First PokerOwned Victory
  122. Horribad Pokerowned Players
  123. turks grinding blog
  124. Rigged
  125. Was it nice play?
  126. big pot
  127. sucked out again
  128. Best player on Pokerowned ( by a mile)
  129. Horrible heads up beats
  130. turk alert
  131. My life story
  132. ON fire playing horse!! second win for the week!!
  133. where did this idiot learn to play poker/??
  134. This is why I'm the best poker player here.
  135. great start to the day -.-
  136. It's Better to be a Lucky (Idiot) than Good.
  137. My biggest online win yet!
  138. just won a nice little tourney! not much, but still a win!!!
  139. Setup hand or what??
  140. Is it nice bluff?
  141. Wow...
  142. The river card!
  143. Wow
  144. Royal flush on carbon poker pokerowned tournament!
  145. And you thought YOU got a bad beat
  146. It aint a win but to me its a good start Played in 100 freeroll at Full Flush Poker.
  147. are u fucking kidding me
  148. Stupid fish
  149. AA cracked in $30 BIG10 $3000K So sick!
  150. Posting this to embarass myself so I won't do it again...
  151. Bad Beat at the final table!
  152. Why does playing correct poker and winning get you called a donkey?
  153. Got called a newb for this play lol
  154. King Jack vs. Ace King
  155. Time to cut the cord Kid!!
  156. greengiant does it again
  157. online myths.. ever had anything crazy happened and wondered.
  158. Incredible
  159. Why are stupid fucking people always lucky?
  160. merge at its best!!! with the miracle river card!!
  161. How to triple your roll *** EASY LIFE***
  162. Not to Brag But....I will.
  163. merge didnt screw me!
  164. i just won on bcp $3 sit and go and won $11
  165. i h ave $30 bcp poker funds for sale om friday selling 440/1
  166. How to buy pots
  167. I laid down a boat today
  168. seems like same ol
  169. First cash - second PO tourney
  170. another merge epic river LOL
  171. Just your everyday 5bet with 82o
  172. wild west tourment on lock poker took 2nd place and won 65.50 on lock poker
  173. Was it great play?
  174. The suck out!
  175. i have lock funds for sale
  176. $5.50 sit and go won on lock
  177. When NOT to value bet lol
  178. Ace high nut flush vs straightflush draw at the flop
  179. Royal over a AJ full house.
  180. So close to hitting the bad beat jackpot
  181. since ive been back to online poker ( and this is just the ones i took pics of)
  182. This is why I hate the big blind!!!
  183. live win tonight!
  184. K-high hero call won me $213.82
  185. i just won 7 clock pm game in 3rd place and made $5.40 on carbon poker
  186. One good day of poker
  187. Gotta love luckboxes damn 24 dollar game that lasted 3 hands
  188. How bad was this fold?
  189. Computer/Internet issues causing me emotional distress
  190. clubbin sealz for a bro !/ grind for glory!
  191. I once went on a couple of bad months of pure epic bad luck.
  192. could i have played this better?
  193. hate theifs
  194. Bad play or bad beat?
  195. help
  196. Hey!
  197. Nice win tommy I wish I could win 3k on bcp!
  198. I hope I made the right fold on the FT Bubble!
  199. onedesperate gets happy when he makes stupid call and get lucky
  200. TILT Ace high flush vs straight flush
  201. Sick Hand in $300 GTD on BCP
  202. pure bluff...
  203. live is just as rigged as online, ;)
  204. Commeeeeee onnnnnn!
  205. I hate straight draw donks
  206. awesome isnt it
  207. been getting creamed at the tables
  208. $816 big win tonight! :)
  209. Got something dumb you wanna brag about?
  210. Check this hand out!
  211. Donk alert!! Doesn't get worse than this
  212. From hero to zero in 2 hands !!!
  213. Can get a break..rivered again
  214. Took down Bovada and Lock tonight!!
  215. Tonight's lock poker freeroll...i lost
  216. I won $7 in carbon freeroll yesterday...
  217. MTT only from now on I think
  218. bad play leads to final table cash.
  219. My top 3 awkward hands (pics)
  220. 27th in the Lock $50,000
  221. tables enough said
  222. i mean cmon merge wtf
  223. Carbon Poker
  224. Bad beat
  225. gunsmokes quads for bad beat
  226. Poker Max congrats
  227. My SWC Stats Are Great!
  228. how do u lose this hand lol ya variance my variance is all day everyday
  229. Poker Maximus 7.5k 2.20 main event (Donkus-Maximus)
  230. OMG I hate it!
  231. idiots and plo!
  232. nice little win!
  233. So disgusted...
  234. How many times must one get crushed?
  235. runnin bad
  236. saying gg when someone exits
  237. Best table hand yet
  238. sick hand
  239. po cash
  240. Coin flips
  241. 3 1/2 hour freeroll
  242. I'm not sure what to make of this...
  243. why only 1 or 2 points at a time?
  244. tilt/brag
  245. Making a call based off his screename!
  246. Merge is just plain Shitty
  247. Another final table
  248. oh and im 500 strong on my br now
  249. Gallery of my hands on fulltilt/pokerstars
  250. $35 Poker Owned Freeroll