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  1. bcp slots rock
  2. Are you kidding me??? OUCH!
  3. Two nice cashes!
  4. PO Community Service and why YOU should do it
  5. just a few brag pics~~~ weeeeeeee
  6. Uhhhh Guise... SICKOOOOOO! 361$ pot!
  7. Sicko! 172$ pot
  8. You know it's not your night when...
  9. Tilt doesnt affect cards
  10. FT 3 handed. how do you play this?
  11. decided to put 25 on merge to f around
  12. how do you all like my line here?
  13. My best laydown
  14. aces even suck on this software!
  15. The Cyrus Special
  16. Fucking bullshit
  17. for ron
  18. Why is it impossible on full flush...
  19. stupid chic ends my tourney...
  20. took down a 1 btc freeroll on scammerswithclubs weeeeee
  21. Tell me this shit aint rigged for the mentally retarded
  22. Rivdee for president!!!!!
  23. How many times have you seen...
  24. this shit right here is why i hate wpn
  25. Attitudes
  26. Chopped up a nightly WSOP $135
  27. Holy cow
  28. Shipped Event 57 OSS III on BCP!
  29. 1 month away
  30. Just a thought
  31. Bad beating your opponent.
  32. Too much bad beats and ignorant explainations in the 10k gauranteed. I lost my shit.
  33. lmfao gotta love plo noobs that cant fold sets smh standard wpn
  34. lolz in hsi word bluff gone wrong
  35. Karma is a bitch
  36. Weeeeeeeeee good call bro... Thanks lol
  37. Great Hand on PKR
  38. my parlays
  39. Took down the last Daily Mission and biggest single win
  40. almost doubeld in thsi 6 max but nooooo bcp rewards this idiot
  41. I love how Carbon rivers constently
  42. Straight flush in 3 card, WHILE PLAYING PAIR PLUS!
  43. Just won $3 on FullFlush Poker
  44. Must be nice
  45. slow roll the flop goes bad
  46. Small Accomplishment...
  47. Did I trilt or just self implode
  48. lmao :( dirty ass shit
  49. Cashed in my first free roll
  50. bad habits rewarded
  51. Karma bit*h
  52. Switched back to live poker...good choice!
  53. Crybabys and freerolls
  54. my bread and butter
  55. I AM WINNING the the 65$ BCP/ACR freeroll at 5:30 pm tonight..LAST LNGR BET IF U DARE
  56. Royal flush!
  57. Some questionable play. :)
  58. powned soul read ;)
  59. winner winner chicken dinner of march madness free seat roll on Sports book!!
  60. Friday night tournament
  61. Kiddaaaa the hit and run!
  62. lol so hard at thsi smh
  63. anyone else lose money on full flush and feel like it was rigged?
  64. On my run for the ferguson challenge again!
  65. holy fucking 1 time. its about time
  66. no love for me ever on this shithole site
  67. Does it ever fucking end!!!!!
  68. F u c k c a r b o n
  69. midnight freeroll
  70. for rivdee
  71. my one time! good til river, then bad, then good
  72. squid300's thread of lolness
  73. so sick of this shit
  74. Bubble BCP
  75. Oods!?
  76. how do you beat stupid?
  77. tilt
  78. fucking joke im on so much tilt right now
  79. My lucky day!
  80. The calling hand in question lol
  81. for prayforspades who has no clue
  82. how to bluff 4 players in PLO
  83. 2 Winners and 4 other final tables in PO tournaments
  84. Nice cash to end the night
  85. flopped my first royal flush on seals :) had other before just first one on this soft
  86. more fun on carbon!!
  87. Needed this one for my Team Rounders, and a real shot at $215 Ticket in Spring Series
  88. Just wanted to make a couple bucks in BCP 2NL, I just needed 46s
  89. Weeeeeee ticket to the 100k leeeeets gooooo =op
  90. Fuck carbon
  91. 3/4 cash's in PokerOwned freerolls on Carbon
  92. sickest beat ive ever taken
  93. goducks408
  94. Let's here all the great play talk here!
  95. two more noobs using the merge boost to their advantage.
  96. crazy old school MTT takedown
  97. Sorry but i HAVE to post this slots hit
  98. 9 mtt's won in 48 hours! LOL....
  99. some more carbon awesomeness
  100. cant win a damn hand a favorite :(
  101. blackjack is the devil
  102. lmaooooo
  103. 7 mtt's won in 24 hours..... vamoooooos.
  104. About to take pictures of every time I get riverd on Carbon
  105. Problems with the ad ticker and staking section
  106. Bovada 100k semi here we come...... Leeeets gooooo =op
  107. 3 mtt's won today!
  108. I'm really, really good at getting 2nd ;)
  109. Carbon Poker $45 freeroll Tourney 3/9/2014
  110. Merge Ramp up for noobs..
  111. Spring Series just continues to stick it to me hard in the wrong spot
  112. So Thought id play some $1/$2 HU PLO8 today...
  113. damn it i got pwned :( one out bcp magic shit lol
  114. Today I faired mucho better...
  115. Win with JJ 2x in a row!
  116. Ultimate Cooler...
  117. what a way to lose a mtt and wouldve had chiplead too lol
  118. Tilted 50k one night!
  119. disgusting day of my beloved game...POKER
  120. preventing tilt
  121. wierd stat
  122. two bcp tourneys...two final tables
  123. waste of time
  124. Took second on bol $10 freeroll
  125. $20 BOVADA FREEROLL....THEINFINITE1 is inching closer to yet another victory
  126. Donations for Charity
  127. Finally made top 3
  128. Ok tilt time..
  129. was running this for the homie but get KK donked by J8 :( sorry rambo
  130. ghey
  131. Greatest Moral Victory EVERRRRR
  132. Love me some carbon... not
  133. the best thing ever
  134. Merge could be the worst site
  135. wtf is this shit why!!!! lol calls with a pair to backdoor flush me :(
  136. haha bcp at its finest
  137. Anyone barely inch into or bust out of a tourney?
  138. Good way to start a 'New member' post with a Final table Pokerowned freeroll at BCP!
  139. Bullshit!!
  140. PO PLO tourney #3
  141. You are tilting me again. Please stop it.
  142. Unreal
  143. FML nice one outter
  144. Some days are ridiculous
  145. soo much river in 1 tourney
  146. Nice flop
  147. starting to figure out the freeroll brigade
  148. The grinddd
  149. I won the Big 10 500 GTD last night! WEEEEEEEEEEE
  150. Jaytodd run, waited for this hand with these donks
  151. flopped quads vs. aces full
  152. Step UP your Madness game PO!!!
  153. Home game adventures with Poke
  154. Ops #78 AQ<AJ :(
  155. Bad Beat in 15$ BCP Tourney
  156. Aces vs K-7....
  157. The infinite1 is back at it again!!!!!! $20 bovada freeroll live updates
  158. My Straight Flush Beat By Royal in Omaha Sad Day
  159. The hand that rocked the tournament
  160. Theinfinite1 cracks the top 10 in the bovada $20 freeroll yet again
  161. Another, another Royal Flush
  162. 4 of a kind on pokerowned bcp freeroll
  163. The suckout strikes again!
  164. 2nd time in a row cashing in at plo8
  165. returning to the victories :)
  166. unluckiest motherfucker alive
  167. Bovada $20 Freeroll Feb 18 - WHO IS STILL ALIVE?
  168. Poker Owned Members are Top Rate Tourney Players
  169. Stuff like this is why some of you will never amount to anything
  170. PO on FIRE! CONGRATS to quite a few
  171. degens gonna degen aka 3 card
  172. more tilt worthy hands... these stupid mother fkers
  173. Crazy Hero Call or Just Plain Crazy?
  174. dying by the river
  175. 3rd in Carbon Fury Fr & 18 players remaing I Get AA Pot size is500000 & my AA Kracked
  176. 20 th place in the $ 50 Added :)
  177. reasons bcp is for retards and faggots
  178. typical donked out in another tardroll
  179. SICK BRAG no pun intended.
  180. Why do you always get the card you need just when I get a big hand?
  181. just when you think you cant lose
  182. Cashed out BCP roll. Destroyed Live Grind.
  183. I'm glad there's a bragging section....cawse im bout to fuggin BRA A A A GGGGG!!!!!
  184. BOVADA late last night in the morning
  185. Just got my biggest online win!
  186. Bad beat!!!!
  187. how long have you been on p/o?
  188. Bankroll building on Bovada
  189. ACR is messing with my head
  190. 2nd place in freeroll fury
  191. Listen to this hand
  192. KO lilg like a Boss
  193. Picked up 1670 at casino last night in Cambodia :).
  194. Which site "seems" like it's rigged for you?
  195. Quick Freeroll brag
  196. Back in it in live poker!!
  197. Iddiots
  198. Who all cashed in the 10k Frenzy on Carbon?
  199. 94 hands heads up 0 good grief
  200. Parlay Streak starting on 1/29>>>>KEEP IT GOIN
  201. for ducku
  202. What Percentage of FINAL TABLE Success do You Play?
  203. Last card suck outs can suck it
  204. 4 final tables in a row
  205. beware the bubble
  206. watch and learn
  207. Baby needs bottle with the worst timing ever!
  208. The dumbest (on my part) beat I have ever experienced.
  209. Holy fucking shit....... What the fuck
  210. Odds of hitting aces 3 times in a row ? I have part of the answer!take a look!
  211. Straight flush
  212. from 5$ to 4k$?
  213. How does some idiot call with j 7?
  214. Ridiculousness- Bad Beats
  215. Allen799
  216. I must of played this so bad preflop for him to call and get lucky on the river!!!!!
  217. My biggest win ever! The 20k on bovada!!!!
  218. Tilting
  219. i tilted bad
  220. Awesome day I had !!
  221. ACE'S not Once ,not Twice ,but Three times in a row!! $45 P.O tourny take a look!!
  222. Another FAST Cashout with Bovada
  223. 6th in 12.5k for $462.50 (yea couldnt sleep yet)
  224. Fought Off a ton of entrants to Finish 63rd in 'Bovada Bowl Season Pick'em'
  225. 3 Card poker degen
  226. Should I fold this preflop and not get into it with the bigger stack and wait.
  227. s810car's cash hand brag thread
  228. EPIC bluff lol
  229. 2nd in TURBO10 1200 GTD for $279
  230. what happens when you dont watch
  231. preflop bluffing
  232. First hand played in a tourney this morning
  233. Bovada $100,000.00 Guaranteed Sunday, Jan. 5 (Player 6)
  234. How to know when your tilting?
  235. When tilting leads to a huge run
  236. What a sick way to lose 2k in llbs... =(
  237. 1k Loan agreement thread
  238. Bigest tourney win
  239. So then I thought ... Why not. I did watch the Jodi Arias Movie last nite
  240. Sick beat for 20k pot.. In 1k gtd
  241. how do you beat this?
  242. Odd hand win before a tourney break
  243. Commonly Heard at the Tables
  244. lmfao bcp at its best
  245. Thoughts on Lock
  246. fucking bcp for ya in a nut shell
  247. GTF outta here.
  248. cashed in bcp freeroll
  249. Fuckin disgusting!
  250. congrats to rivdee