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    WHy do i have -2 points???

    I just signed up for this site the other day and did two things on the offerwall section and it says i have -2 points.

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    u are negative because of promotions im thinking and your points are locked mabye idk man zab would know pm him
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    Well if you did something shady than you would know. I'm not accusing you of anything, even if you did and points were revoked, it seems like you'd be back at zero. Unless it's taking back points that went to promotions and leaving you in the negative. I didn't even know you could be in the negative. Good luck, I'd ask Poofy about it. She's gonna be the best option aside from Zab and is usually around.

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    thats a lil weirdo ...... O.o

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    Thats never happened to me i would send a pm to zab and see whats up

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    you don't have to have any points q2offsuit... you may login to the site and ask questions on this forum... reply to a thread.... post why and what questions... all kinds of things with no points.... no bets.... no tourney.... check into gettin a point loan.... looks like some players like to get excluded from certain activities for not paying those loans back.... find out what that might be... the whole site is a cool game in itself... even if you don't have a point at all.... watch out though.... posting threads and comments can cause you to get points,,,, that's right.... within a certain time...... you're gonna wind up with points even if you don't know why you need any

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    I've never seen negative number counts either. Did you get an email saying points were being revoked?

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    Not sure but thats a awful high chip count, check that number again, slowly!!

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