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    Last night on Carbon Poker I did a .30c tourny and just sat there and waited. I only won 12 hands and played 22 to make the final table!! After sitting there all this time I say every hand people were playing and asked my self why?? Why would you play 10-7 off or 9-3 off or the best was an all in call with 5-7 harts! (Yeah they won with it to vs AA) I know were playing with just pennys on the dollar, but are we not playing to make money? So why do people play with crap like this? why should are playing abilty be so dif from a .30c table to a $300 table? I find just people dont care! You need to Just sit sit and sit! wait for your hand and fold that AQ - AJ and pocket pair when it looks to risky! you will find if you just wait for it on low levels of play you can have bigger pots with less risk! Befor I started on Carbon I was running a $10k bank roll till Poker Stars kicked us USA player and now im only playing cash games at my poker hang out but I wanted to see if I could make my $10k Back on Carbon for FREE! After Playing 100+ free rolls And 500+ Fun Steps I finaly got my bank going and now I have $280+ going!(I waited till I had $100 befor playing in cash games) But I had to change up the way I play to do this cuz of all those DONKS out there!
    So today im going to risk 1/2 or so of my bank (I dont recomand for normal players) and play a $109 buy in!! to see if the dif from one level of play to another! I will get back to you on how I do and what types of hands I see played!

    I guess what im saying is that poker can be hard! yes you will see Donks! But Hold you ground! If you just wait and take your time you can make $$!! I'll wright back to my readers soon and let you know how im doing!!
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    Ii wishl you good luck i totally agree and understand even if i never went over 1k ... i am looking foward to start from scratch but it harder theb i tought with all those bingo player but i guess they are theone that gonna make us go higher. Tell us how you do in that 100$ tourney

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