To win the in the poker stable, the most important skill to master is self-control. Seriously, all other skills depend on self-control. Waiting for a good hand, a good match and the right opportunity, you must have self-control. Self-control means that you will not join the dominant game, will not get bad hand card which will bring you into trouble, you are good at management, but also a fall into a pit, a gain in your wit. Whenever, you must control the feelings, and not let the feeling "out of control". In any case, don't play CARDS when drunk, fatigue or emotional fluctuations. Also, you should always ask yourself whether in the best state. The main point of the Heart tactics is role-play. The real you act, the more successful you win. Betting speed is also the key point.


If you constantly research your opponent, you will learn a lot. When playing cards, you don?t join one hand match in most of the time, you should use the time to observe the opponent. Observing that each player playing cards and in and against the use of this information. Listen to their speech is very important. A lot of players will tell you they will give up which cards, or why they play hand in a particular way. No matter whether you will join the match, you should try to figure out their hand cards, as well as the specific cards. So, when you against with them, you can understand why they check, bet, call and raise. For your own play should also be careful, should always pay attention to your table cards. You will notice that some players don't analysis the game, against this kind of players, so in your table cards is basically useless. When you observe the opponent's words and deeds, please observe your own actions. When you find the opponent has some kind of behavior, thinking about whether you have the same behavior.

Transforming to play

Good poker players are unfathomable. They have the ability to transform to play. It depends on your opponent and your table cards. If the way you play cards is solid, never being found to have a bluff, you will have a good foundation of bravado. If you've been having a loose, and often bluff others, you can get good cards in hand and win easily. When your opponent plays tight, you should play loose, and when they had a loose, you should play tight. You should always act before the opponent. To really be unpredictable, you need to transform the play at the right moment let the game be balanced. And so, when you know that you will play with the same players for some time, after a period of time in the game, you should often show your play style, let them see the play you don't usually use in the game, and mixing all kinds of style, in order to win in the rear. When you are playing online games, it is less important, because players generally don't watch the game on the net. The other players? mobility is relatively large. But you still need to do this in the right place.