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Thread: password

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    Where do i get password for bovada freeroll

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    read the stickies in the beginners corner for Pete's sake. Opt from the home page using points, then go back to the home page and click on "show password"
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    you must earn P.O points to enter the P.O freerolls please DO NOT ask for passwords NOBDY will give them to you you have 2 earn them for yourself as i have learned from the 1st week i was a member on this site

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    The help desk is a great place to start! Here hope this helps, good luck!
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    if you want to earn points I recomed getting a virtual machine or sand box program and doing some downloads other wise i advise staying away from downloads.

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    3 hours of Radio Loyalty would be enough points for the Bovoda game, and its easy just listen to music and fill out the captcha every ten minutes. Make sure to get it in at least an hour before the game starts though as the points can take up to an hour to post.

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