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Thread: long time

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    long time

    been a member since 2011 i dont even remember.. crazy.. but wea is everyone playing at? carbon poker for me(blaq840).
    also does any one knw how u get freerolls pws for carbon and wats the fastest ways to earn points

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    First of all can you speak english?

    You need to earn 500 PO points lifetime throught surveys before you can earn any points here.

    There is no password in our games.
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    The PokerStars tourneys are based on password system and the Merge net tourneys are based on coupons system,
    here's the information you need bout Cap system New Upgrade - Free Points Cap -

    welcome to the site and gl......

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    I play at Carbon. Posts and videos are easy points.

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    Welcome back. Posts, surveys, lottery and videos are great ways to earn points.

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