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    Live vs. Online Poker Play, thoughts?

    Personally, I think that online poker is not real poker. It annoys the hell out of me. All these players that sit at their computer clicking a mouse and believing that they are poker players.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think that online poker is as valid as live poker?
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    For many players online poker is much better. They gain a lot of success online and real poker same failure. It depends on indywiualnego tastes, I like both kinds of favors none.

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    Mark Daly
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    Live was better for me. So much information, so many bad players, so many errors.

    Online players play poker because they want to play a game of poker, whereas casino players play poker because it's another gamble - like roulette or blackjack. Some are there because they think they can win, but seldom do because they fail to put in the effort. Some are there just to meet people, some are there because it's their 'social club'.

    Getting into the top 50% of players is almost automatic for those who try - top 25% is attainable within months. Any effort is usually rewarded. Top live tip: Read Mike Caro's Book of Tells - it will make you money.

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    Live poker is much better than online, because U can spot somekind "tell tell" signs and reveale bluff from winning hands. On online poker, every one think that they know to play poker, ruining the game for others in they 72 off all in.

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    Online is more for practice and volume, while live is more on fun

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    I love to play online, it's much easier than playing live

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