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    Learning pokar (playing pairs)

    Paired hole cards are generally considered as some of the best starting cards in poker. Pairs are already made hands, giving them an inherent strength, yet also have strong potential to make a premium hand in the form of a set (or 3 of a kind). Although strong hands, a successful poker player must know when to fold or raise these hands.

    When considering whether to play a paired hand pre-flop, one must consider the pot odds (or profit potential) of the situation. Pot odds are essentially the chance one has of winning big if they hit their hand, and whether the pre-flop amount matches that potential. Pocket pair have high pot odds.
    Smaller pocket pairs generally have high potential when up against a lot of opponent and when the the player is able to see a cheap flop (low blinds or raise level). In this situation, if the player hits a set they will be able to extract more value as there are more participants in the hand. Also, if another of the paired hole cards does appear, it is difficult for other players to put you on such a hand.
    High pocket pairs (JJ, QQ, KK, AA) are very premium hands and are worth playing in all situations. These are considered made hands and still have showdown and post-flop value without hitting a set. Raising at all opportunities will protect these hands from being drawn out by a straight or flush.
    When having hit a set, one must consider the individual situation as to whether to slow play or show strength in terms of their betting. If a flop is draw heavy (contains cards that could lead to a straight or flush) the player should bet hard to force others off their draws. Sets, especially smaller sets, when encountered on "bare" (a flop without any or little draw potential)should be "slow-played". Slow-playing a hand allows other players to bluff at a pot, and reduces the player's capacity to determine the relative value of your hand.

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    First I would like to apologize for my english but it is not very good so if I will make any mistakes I very sorry. I read this topic about playing pairs I think it is very goood instruction. I hope it would help me in my next games. So thank you sa much.

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    Pairs without a doubt are good when you get them in the the pocket but a low pair is far from a premium hand. An ace on the flop is an eyesore and fishing for a set could mean complete cotastrophie.

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