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    fast registering

    why should pokerowned need to activate fast and timely manner getting a password?????are there to many users sharing password to facebook???and why should they do it if 1 password needs to buy ponts????really hard to understand explain pls???

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    Someone is getting the password and sharing it on facebook. We have tried adjusting times. Be sure to have your lobby open and ready to register. Also you should refresh the countdown page when there is about a minute left to cut out any lag

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    I'll hopefully have a better solution in February
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    So nice, when him give a password

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    I stick with 'Home Games' option here ... if it is not possible to got/buy tickets, I can hardly imagine any kind of better solution. Yesterday and a day ago, there have been 2.5k players there ... really not worthy to play. I'm keeping all fingers crossed

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    The time is perfect for you to have time to register

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    When i played here few years ago it was not a problem. It was always something like 50+ people. And the password was realeased few minutes prior to the tournament. I,m not sure what is the problem now, because i was out of the forum for few years.

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