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Thread: Begginner Sites

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    Question Begginner Sites

    Are there preferences for sites for newbies?

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    The sites are good for newbies cause they get a chnace to learn and interact on a site to make sure it is fun and poductive.

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    If you're talking about poker sites to play on... well everyone has there preference. However, if your new, I would recommend sticking with freerolls until you get comfortable with the play. Now as far as poker forums go, there are several good ones out there. This one is the best for building a bankroll from nothing because of how many games they offer and all of the fun promotions. We'll help you out with any questions you have.... but this is also one of the more liberal sites as far as what we can get away with saying, so you will occasionally have to wade your way through a mound of sarcasm. It's totally worth it.
    I'm gonna give that bitch a freeroll, bitches love freerolls.

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