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    Who is the worst poker player to ever win the WSOP Main Event?

    Is there ANY doubt that Jamie Gold wins this distinction. He has done NOTHING since winning and probably also holds the award of being the biggest asshole to ever win, too. Anyone want to disagree?

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    I think it was Jerry Yang.

    Not to say Gold is too much better, but when Gold was playing well his talk got people to play hands in dumb ways, including getting a good pro in Paul Wasicka to stack of with little for the win.

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    yang does suck, but i gotta say it is that punk JAIME GOLD,,,what a dweeb, rumor is he screwed his sponsors

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    i gotta go with jerry yang myself. although there are quite a few runner ups. jaime gold being one. joe hachem, ray romano, david black

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    There was a thread on this exact topic a couple weeks ago. That said, Gold was pretty bad. Yang was worse. Gold is way less likable tho too.

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    No wayyy either of these guys is the worst, they had to beat a ton of players to get there....My nomination for worst is Hal Fowler 1979 winner, He won 1 bracelet total, and only had 1 In the Money Cash in the WSOP
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    I don't know. On one hand it could be Gold considering he just ran really good during the tournament, but, he did use amazing table talk to take it down. And then there's Yang, he was fun to watch, "I raise, one million," but, both haven't done much for poker since. At least Gold did do high stakes poker and pokerafterdark. I don't know. Yang is more likeable though, too bad he got some bad financial advice.

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    Jaimee Gold by far the worst and most unliked poker player......Joe hachem would be my runner up

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy62278 View Post
    i gotta go with jerry yang myself. although there are quite a few runner ups. jaime gold being one. joe hachem, ray romano, david black
    ray romano? everyone loves raymond likes to play but certainly has never won the main event,lol. I think you have to divide this question into 2 eras, like sports, you can't really compare pre "moneymaker" era when there were less than 1000 entrants (less than 10 really early on) to after when it is multiple 1000's of entrants. And as far as only having 1 bracelet, a lot of later winners only have 1. I don't know who is worst player, but you have to give them all credit for winning it, they're all better than me, .

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    jerry yang i was so angry when i saw that he won and was how he play :@

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