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    What would you do?

    So, the hand goes like this
    onehotdame Posts SB 25.00
    Pillboxx Posts BB 50.00
    JreppKELSO Folds
    zTwenty2z Folds
    playho Folds
    MrRidiculus Folds
    ImphonEE Calls 50.00
    andreww7198 Folds
    mommahud17 Calls 50.00
    PokerPoned Calls 50.00
    onehotdame Folds
    Pillboxx Checks
    Pillboxx Bets 225.00
    ImphonEE Calls 225.00
    mommahud17 Folds
    PokerPoned All In 978.00
    Pillboxx Folds
    ImphonEE Folds
    PokerPoned Mucks
    PokerPoned Won 900.00 from Pot 1
    PokerPoned Won 753.00 from Pot 2

    What should i have done after the guy goes all in? Pillboxx made a questionable raise and then questions my fold after the guy goes all in... This is when PokerPoned goes all in RIGHT away as it came to him. I think i made the correct move, but then pillboxx is criticizing me, saying he would've called.

    My thought process. PokerPoned has a solid 2 pair and im drawing to only spades... giving me 9 outs. I committed only about 255 chips and the pot is around 1400. I would have to call another 700, making it a 2:1 pot odds, when im getting 4:1 for outs... FUCK THAT.
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    what the hell? that's too much to read and comprehend ive been drinking

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    that picture is a little small for me to see good but is that J10 you have and are u 4 to flush on flop?
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    I think it depends on your stack size. If you can get above 40-45 bbs (2000+ chips at this point) by calling and weren't before, it's worth the gamble.

    If you have less than 40 bbs, you'll be in push/fold mode if you lose it.

    If you have 15-25 bbs left if you fold, go for it because you'll run out of time quickly and this may be your best opportunity to chip up with the PO freeroll horrible blind structure that goes up from 25/50 to 50/100 -- the point is you won't have to pick a spot if you win the hand, but will still be healthy enough to pick a spot with fold equity once the blinds go up if you lose it.

    Any less than 15 bbs, it depends on how long until the blinds go up (remember there is the jump from 25/50 all the way to 50/100). If they're about to go up, you may have to gamble as you won't have fold equity once the blinds go up.

    If you have less than 15 bbs and the blinds just went up to 25/50 waiting for a better spot is possibly okay. -- the point here is you have fold equity and if you're at a tight table (or there are tight players to your left), you can grind out another round or two to wait for a better spot to steal/win a pot or blinds once they go up.

    Keep in mind if your J and 10 are outs, you are actually a favorite slightly.

    It is really marginal, but if you don't have 35-55 bbs, I'd lean towards calling and with 35-55 bbs, I'd fold it.

    If you have 15-20 bbs left behind, it's almost a must call, unless you have like 2 of the tightest PO players on your left and blinds aren't going up for awhile.
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    What were the stack sizes? There's a strong chance you were behind, but if you were already short, going with it might've been the best choice.

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    honestly I cant tell u what id do, because im not sure of whats being said here

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    how big were the stack sizes?

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    Id of probably played it the same way.

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    I think its hard to say. It depends how the other played before this hand and its about the stack size too

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    lol timmystrap, when aren't you drinking? And about the original quwstion, I think you just have to go with your gut/instinct.

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