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    What is a fair split for this live cash staking deal?

    I'm going to be staking a live player in Cambodia and I'm trying to figure out what a good deal is...

    1. A single session of around 6 hours with a $200 buy-in with one buy-in behind.

    2. A five day period of five sessions of around 6 hours each.

    I will get make-up on number 1 if we go another session.

    If 2 doesn't work I wont continue.

    I just don't know what is fair.

    The player is an online player with provable winning stats. Ill be around to handle the money, only have to worry about him taking chips off the table when Im not around the table, but I trust him. The game is very beatable with tourist and rich Asians who spew.

    Is 65% in my favor to much?

    Should it be 60 - 40 or 50 - 50...

    I just don't know and I want a win-win, but feel 65% is good for me as I take the risk.

    I can't play as I'm totally swamped with business and my head is not in it..

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    We have agreed to 60 - 40 in my favor. We're doing a two day session around March 10th at a casino in Southern Cambodia. Part of the deal is agreeing to allow me to use the content for a publication for my business, so I have more + EV regardless if we lose $...

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    what ever you agree to sounds fishy u know this fool makeup involved u cant loose. 60-40 if he makes over 2-3k 50-50
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