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    What do you gain from late registering?

    You've already answered the question of why you would want to extreme late register in a tournament. For some of you it's because you'd rather play with 8 big blinds than a full stack, hope to get lucky and double up a couple times and be right in there close to the money, and for others of you, you just don't give a fuck how few chips you get compared to the size of the blinds so you extremely late register.

    But what is it exactly that you have against registering on time, preferring to late register by just a minute or 2 or 5 minutes or something like that??????????????????????????


    Please stop this nasty habit you have. Tournaments get cancelled left and right because of you....tourneys, that if you would only register on time would go off and be great tourneys to play in. But no, you continue to refuse to register on time because you'll have to wait a few minutes before the tournament starts. So the tourney that you and I would have played in and made money in, never happens because YOU'RE ALL THE SAME, COPYING EACH OTHER TO BE FASHIONABLY LATE. you have a Phil Hellmuth complex or something?

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    LOL @ early reg if ur not ready to fire more than 1 bullet

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    I rarely fire more than 1 bullet tho... I prefer starting early... But if u can pick spots properly to shove... Then late reg is great.. Cuz ull be like 30 mins saway from itm.... Whicch is one 2x up away usually..
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    The only thing u gain is a headache from being on tilt after u bust.

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    I try to get in at start time or within 15 minutes of it. Some tho like waiting to get away from donkey pushers. I havent seen many turnys cancelled anywhere cause of numbers LOL
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    I don't mind players registering late because the payoff is larger. They may get lucky, but don't we all? Maybe registering late is risky, but they don't need to sit for 3 or more hours in some games.


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    If you have a LLB you can hope the other player bust before you reg

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    Quote Originally Posted by golftimecan View Post
    If you have a LLB you can hope the other player bust before you reg
    I done this a few times in the PO games and the tournaments that have rebuys/addons with 2-3 hours late reg also. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.
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    As many poker players know, the average tournament requires you to be registered on time or else you can't play. However, there are also an increasing number of late registration poker tournaments these days, which, as the name implies, allow you to enter a tourney late with a full starting stack.

    The most obvious benefit to registering late is that you still get to play in a tournament, despite not registering at the official start time. And this works out great for those procrastinators and/or busy people who just can't make a certain tourney on time.

    Aside from the perk of playing in a tournament after it is already begun, some players want to know if there are any other benefits to late registration. The reason why is that it seems like you might gain some sort of advantage by jumping into a tourney when plenty of opponents have already been eliminated. But while this thought might seem logical, the truth is that you are actually hurting yourself with late registering, as I will explain below.

    Missing the Fish

    The first problem with late registration is that you will see fewer fish after jumping into a tourney later. On average, more fish are going to bust out in the early going, and so it's nice to get involved quickly before they are gone. And while some bad players will survive into the later levels, the number will not be as significant as in the beginning.

    Starting with a Handicap

    The point of poker tournaments is to finish as high as you possibly can to win the big prizes. However, you make it that much more difficult to do so by late regging since you're basically starting with a handicap. Sure you begin with a full starting stack; however, many of the surviving players are going to have bigger chip stacks than you by this point.

    Beginning Deep Stacked

    One more perk of registering on time is that you are deep stacked right away and can patiently wait for your chances. Contrast this to late registering, where you're immediately behind the top players and you have less big blinds. It?s never fun to start with this kind of pressure, so it's recommended that you sign up on time.

    While normal registration is preferable to signing up late, keep in mind that many poker sites do offer later registration in case you're running a little behind schedule.
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    Typically I late register because I just ended a game and don't want to wait to get in another. I don't know anybody that prefers late registering at the last minute, and those that do probably aren't good enough to matter. Like dk said, sometimes you're a double up from the money if you're willing to roll the dice. The only bad late registration imo is the increasingly long late registration times. 3 hours is too much. It drags the tournament out and can be frustrating if you're hoping to bubble.
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