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Thread: Variance.

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    Ok, I hear everyone on here complain about running so badly. I myself have been there. Variance is a bitch when it goes the wrong way. There in lies the lesson though. Variance evens out over the long haul. I am down on my account, largely in my opinion due to variance. I have less than 600 games played. I plan over the next month to play that many games. It obviously is annoying when you can't seem to win flips or lose pair over pair etc, it happens. We all tend to remember the bad beats we get hit with, but seldom remember the suck-outs that we have had. I just thought that I would post this, maybe if for no other reason than to remind myself. In the end it all levels out with a large sample size, and the real winners and losers are identified. Gus Hanson said that in any given session 70% of his results are luck, in a month he said 30%, and in a year less than 5%. I think that is so true. If you play long enough your results will be irrefutable. Now there can be players that have a decent sample size that are winners, and you still think they play badly. However, they must be doing something well. In the end, the results speak for themselves. Good luck at the tables.

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    Very well put. When I hit the bad side of variance, which I'm currently in now. I walk away from the table for a few days, as so I don't sit down with the wrong frame of mind. Try not to make the bad run any worse that it is at the moment.

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