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    Unkclan's Rail Thread

    Staked by Steortox

    Playing $5.50 1k guarantee starting 22:30

    $3.35 superturbo at 23:00

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    GLLL but u cant win LOL, ur a doomed donk now)

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    I would of joined you in the $5.50 1k if it wasn't late registration already, good luck though. What is your username?


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    Vivi05 Posts Ante 40.00
    Donkfugrind3r Posts Ante 40.00
    whereTILThappens Posts Ante 40.00
    DivineHammer62 Posts Ante 40.00
    Raiseuallin1 Posts Ante 40.00
    iLagYouDonk Posts Ante 40.00
    UrGonaHaveaBadTime Posts Ante 40.00
    SOBETed Posts Ante 40.00
    whereTILThappens Posts SB 200.00
    DivineHammer62 Posts BB 400.00
    Raiseuallin1 Folds
    iLagYouDonk All In 2270.00
    UrGonaHaveaBadTime Folds
    SOBETed Folds
    Vivi05 Folds
    Donkfugrind3r Folds
    whereTILThappens Folds
    DivineHammer62 Calls 1870.00
    DivineHammer62 Shows 5s,Js
    iLagYouDonk Shows Ac,8d
    iLagYouDonk Won 5060.00 from Pot 1 with Two Pair Aces and Eights

    Interesting.. didn't really like my shove but in these super turbos with small amounts of bbs was ok. stunned by called

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    Oct 2011
    psbaseballfan27 Posts Ante 80.00
    Donkfugrind3r Posts Ante 80.00
    SIMiSIM Posts Ante 80.00
    DavisDaGrinder Posts Ante 80.00
    Raiseuallin1 Posts Ante 80.00
    iLagYouDonk Posts Ante 80.00
    UrGonaHaveaBadTime Posts Ante 80.00
    SOBETed Posts Ante 80.00
    DavisDaGrinder Posts SB 400.00
    Raiseuallin1 Posts BB 800.00
    iLagYouDonk All In 4900.00
    UrGonaHaveaBadTime Folds
    SOBETed Folds
    psbaseballfan27 Folds
    Donkfugrind3r All In 4610.00
    SIMiSIM Folds
    DavisDaGrinder Folds
    Raiseuallin1 Folds
    Donkfugrind3r Shows Ks,Kh
    iLagYouDonk Shows Ah,Kc
    Donkfugrind3r Won 11060.00 from Pot 1 with Pair of Kings
    iLagYouDonk Won 290.00 from Pot 2 with Ace High

    absolutely nothing i can do

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    Where do you guys play? Carbon?

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