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    Tourney Thread for Stake in Tourney#60663078

    I will be posting my swings n bust hands for my stake w/tommy62278. Please feel free to comment on any hands that i do post tho.

    Thank You Tommy n GL US.

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    BUST HAND: 2nd hand i played outta 30 or so.

    fbart33 Posts Ante 10.00
    tableburner Posts Ante 10.00
    DumDumDiddy Posts Ante 10.00
    gvs413 Posts Ante 10.00
    krushurdreams Posts Ante 10.00
    McLeanF Posts Ante 10.00
    DonKingOutRageous Posts Ante 10.00
    JoeSchmoeJr Posts Ante 10.00
    BigManMike Posts Ante 10.00
    McLeanF Posts SB 60.00
    DonKingOutRageous Posts BB 120.00
    JoeSchmoeJr Raised to 360.00
    BigManMike Calls 360.00
    fbart33 Folds
    tableburner Folds
    DumDumDiddy Folds
    gvs413 Folds
    krushurdreams Calls 360.00
    McLeanF Folds
    DonKingOutRageous Folds
    JoeSchmoeJr Bets 900.00
    BigManMike Calls 900.00
    krushurdreams Folds
    JoeSchmoeJr All In 3110.00
    BigManMike Calls 3110.00
    JoeSchmoeJr Shows Tc,As
    BigManMike Shows 9s,Ks
    JoeSchmoeJr Out
    BigManMike Won 9370.00 from Pot 1 with Flush King High

    Input anyone?

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    hard to give you any input on this. all it shows is betting pattern. doesnt show what flop turn or river was????? doesnt say you pushed trying to get a donk off his draw(which you should know better than to try cause they dont fold) or if he had his hand on turn

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    wtf der is not hands end you wont input on blank?

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    ther is not inaf information on this hand..

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    T high flop, 2 spades, 3rd spade or river. Does anyone know how to post hands from merge? i used to, i forget now tho.

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