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Thread: Is it time?

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    Oct 2012

    Is it time?

    Isn't about time to increase the prize pool in the PO freerolls? We've been getting over 80 in some, and the earlier ones are in the 60's.

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    May 2011
    the 7pm game is looking good for a increase but Zab makes the ultimate decision.

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    was 93 in the late one the other nite tooo.)

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    Apr 2012
    I'm always ready for more money! Bring it on!

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    More money does sound good, but maybe there could be another piece of criteria that needs to be met so the brand new people to the site would not have immediate access...? They could play in the 1300 and 1600 but to play in the night games maybe they need 50 posts and do one survey that day? I dunno probably wouldn't work, or it's not fair or something. Just saying lets look at this a different way, from what I remember hearing Zab say was it needs to be consistantly over 100. So, why not see how we can shave players from it instead? It needs to go one way or the other.....

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    Wouldn't more money equal even larger fields? Thus no change to the payout amounts you can achieve.

    I've said this several times, but adding some higher buy in tournaments would be a good thing. Either make a tournament a 500 pt or more buy in, or make the tournament have a $1 buy in on carbon with guaranteed money. IMO we have enough interest to hold these tournaments. There are many members who have the points to play these games.
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    I would be happy with a higher buy in, but I would want the blind levels to be longer.

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    Would be nice for sure and I guess Zab will keep an eye on this.

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    Ask Zab if you want this. But i doubt he will.

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    im ready ,, for all ,,,,,,,,
    im bikkeromano

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