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Thread: Teams?

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    I've been watching the Bovada "Poker Team" tournaments and also saw some other poker sites doing team based Poker competitions.

    Does anyone here play in any of these team based events? What is it like?

    Would it be worth a shot for our community to toy with it?

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    I have a "team" that I'm a part of, from another site. I like it. There are times where the different groups will go against each other in specific tournaments, and see who comes out on top. Then there is a royal rumble of sorts as well. That said, if you are at the table with someone from your "team" you're not allowed to softplay either.

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    What is the point of teams in poker just to discuss lines of play and strategy with

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    i oslo never understend team poker way you make teams?

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    I dont like the fact that people chat on a different website or something while playing. But other than that, its pretty fun. You get a certain amount of players per team and then play in the freerolls. You get points for what places you get and after like a month the winning team gets some prize. I think it was discussed on here before but it never got going, I think...

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