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    Strange hand almost hero called the river.

    I have been dealt under 10 hands in a $3 sng on BCP and played 3 hands already. I get dealt A3cc in the HJ and open to 2.3x. I get flatted on the button and the BB completes. The flop is {10 3 2} 2 hearts. I cbet around 35-40% to gain information and keep the pot smaller for more options. The turn is another 10 and I decide to check, with the intention of letting a potential flopped FD represent the 10. I really don't think guys float even IP @ the micros a lot with total air. Villain checks back the turn leading me to believe that he believes he has SD value. The river is a blank 8 and I bet for value.... I got shoved on. The pot was like 156,000 pre-flop, I bet maybe 60,000 OTF. I bet probably 100,000 river bet. With no reads I folded but I think it was pretty close. I feel like he either had 22 or 88 pre-flop, or he he had air. I am just so reluctant to give most of these fish credit for making creative plays. I am just more likely to assume they play straight forward and that they have it. I really didn't like the fold, but I think it was ok.... 0h and I especially hate being short stacked and having a hand that I would throw away to a raise, then flopping TP in a limped pot. I always get screwed in those hands.

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    This makes for an interesting game of what did villain have.
    I, in my noobness, will contribute, worthlessly, that I don't think the guy had a pocket pair.
    He has no read on you and you are making a sort of defensive bet from HJ, so he might not think you have much post-flop.
    He rivered a pair and called the flop bet recklessly because of an overcard plus one heart.
    My official guess - K8 (1 heart)

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    I kinda agree with wiresunderneath. It looks like hit an 8.

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    Maybe he had 10 8, and was afraid to bet his 10 because of his low kicker.

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    next time fold a3 good luck

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    yeah the weak aces can never be good late in the game. gotta go big, or go home

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    maybe he shoves his busted draw, knowing you will likely fold anything but a 10?
    My Movember mustache will rock your world!

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    my money is on an overpair, that was scared of a 2

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