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Thread: Private SnG's

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    Private SnG's

    Just wanted first of all to say hello to everyone. Have been an inactive member since September of last year. Been a "forum junkie" for going on four years as some of you might know me. Over the last couple weeks, have spent more time here and like who and what I have seen. Some familiar names and lot friendly people I have played private tournaments with before.

    Before you draw conclusion on this being posted in the wrong section the coin flipped decide this so as the subject suggest, I'll get right to it (why not to separate threads, don't ask). Few nights ago having trouble sleeping I saw in chat people looking to play SnG. Mentioned I could set one up, posted it and spammed it. This is something my significant other (she will be signing up soon, she works at a pace differently than me) had did on some weekend mornings.

    Following night a few from PokerOwned played a public SnG, they were fun and competitive. In the future when these games are created and posted and you would like to play them please look for the information in chat. They are also posted else where including in yahoo messenger. I'll provide YIM if you're interested in being notified there.

    Look forward to playing some tournaments here. Seen a few teams showing up on another forum with weekend games and that is what drew me back here. Thanks you for the warm welcomes received and hope we get a chance to play together.

    (YIM) [email protected]
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    Psstt...I'm a member here now, darling. Look forward to playn games in this forum as well and meeting new people and having a great time at a game I thoroughly enjoy.

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    Count me in whenever you get them set up.

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