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    Playing a Little $0.05/$0.10 Limit Badugi with Lee Watkinson

    Sat down at a $0.05/$0.10 Limit Badugi with Lee Watkinson.

    This is how he played.

    Super tight. Folded the first 15 hands that I was on the table. Played one, raised preflop. Kept drawing for one. Got donked on by the only other player in the pot, who showed a K842. Whereas Lee showed 432 - 8.

    He folded 3 hands. After the previous hand, he was SS at 46c. He ended up all in in a 4 way hand. Where I got rivered and beaten by 742A. I had 743A. Lee showed 632 - Q.

    Lee rebought for 50c. Then rebought to $1.50.

    He folded 3 hands, then tried to bully the blinds.

    I beat him out of that hand HU.

    I was BB, he raised, I called with an 8 low 3 card Badugi. First draw he took 2 cards. I kept betting the whole way, he folded on the river. I never improved to a 4 card. He drew 1 card the last 2 draws. Dont know what he had, coulda been better than me, cant imagine him calling and holding a 3 card worse than 8.

    He then folded 12 hands in a row, then got sat out. Sat out into the table booted him. Im guessing, he got involved in something a lot more serious.

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    Then SeanDPrawn (Prawney) took his seat. lol

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    The seat was still warm when i sat down. Kinda wierd but hey hes a pro.

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    wowwwww. nice.

    he probably went to a tourney or something.

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    where do u play 5cent/10 cent badugi? i love that game!

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