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    Question Opinion thread: Open input : Topic : Floating the flop in position online

    Floating is a term meaning just flat calling the continuation bet of your opponent in position ( Heads-up post flop ) In the hopes of stealing the pot on a later street. With or Without a hand, including draws. ( To be distinguished from a Semi-Bluff, Where your action would be raising your opponent after the bet, to defend your draw.

    Background Info

    ---Floating is best accomplished when you have certain info about you, your opponent, the blinds and antes, pot odds and implied odds, pot commitment, board texture, and drawing possibilities.

    Key Notes: Floating as a bluff should only be attempted when you AND your opponent have effective stack sizes of over 30 BBs+, you don't want to have anyone pot-committed on air.

    ---Floating is best used on people you know are playing a wide range of opening hands, and you have observed making C-Bets. Give Respect to a Tight-Players bet, and only float as a trap or value extractor.
    ---Floating as a trap: Best on Dry Boards where you have made Two-Pair+, Dangerous with hand rankings below, after all, your giving your opponent a relatively cheap card on the turn.
    ---Prior Observations on your opponents' willingness to fold, basically, what kind of fold equity can you foresee on the turn/river?
    ---Floating in General is an advanced play, and beginners should largely avoid it until they get more practice.

    QUESTION!: Can floating be effective in online play? And if so, is it more effective in a MTT, Sit&GO, Or cash game?

    Your Friend and Proud P.O member,


    P.S.- Please only substantive answers, answers like " I am the best player here, so why the hell you even writing on here ( for you Lilg's out there) " and---"What the hell is floating anyways ( Defined on the top!) and the classic " I'm the next Gus Hansen, So I play every hand and float em' all, too. " (Trust me, your not)

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    i think its hard online, in smaller buyin tourneys, cause noone gives anyone any respect. If you've had time to give yourself a tight image, or you're playing with familiar players who know you, then i think it works, especially against an aggressive player. I sometimes just call a cont. bet then if aggressive player checks, usually means he knows i normally wouldn't call unless i hit and he is worried about trap. A good bet will usually take it down after that. I wish I could use stategies like this more often, but I'm a chicken.

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    Depends on the software... I float 90% of all hands dealt to me in the PO client because I always seem to hit my backdoor draws.

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    sooory gottt, i coldnt read this yet and make a serious answer, casue i got sidetracked at that huge pic of gus hansen hahaha

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    generally I would say floating would be more effective in MTT and SnG because when the blinds get higher it puts a lot of pressure on your opponents to make the right call and can force folds at times

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