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    NuG's Games To play today. Any suggestions?

    Gonna play the PO carbon FRs of course, also the $500 RTR FR on Juicy. Thinking about the PM #38 on carbon..
    Any other freerolls or games I should know about today?

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    LOL! No, I think you've got them pretty covered. But you should know that pokerowned does freerolls on other sites too.

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    STAY AWAY from carbon for sure!! There brag should be "more miracles then any other site possible"..
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    I liked carbon before they removed the sit n go's and the funsteps. therefore I think they have ruined the site now. I've heard o
    a lot of the players complaining and asking for other sites.

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    I like Carbon for its Poker Maximus Tourneys! I just had a nice run in the 175k! Lets see how long it takes to get my cash.

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